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Things to do and see in Cambodia Classic Tours

Cambodia is a country hiding a plenty of mysteries revealing the classical Cambodian culture, lifestyle, and history. With several attractive sites, a Cambodia tour is suited for every family vacation, holiday, and honeymoon.

In Phnom Penh

Admire the Royal Palace

Although the Royal family do not live in here anymore, the Royal Palace still be one of the most popular destinations in any Cambodia or Indochina tour. Famous for its gilded roofs and the featured Khmer architecture, the palace is a sacred site considered as a perfect copy of Bayon tower in Angkor Wat temple complex. Take a walk around, you can be mesmerizing by the 59-meter-high spectacular Throne Hall.

Visit the stunning Silver Pagoda

The name can say all. The Silver Pagoda is covered by a layer of five tons of silver making it shine twinkly in the sunshine. After being dramatically destroyed by the Khmer Rouge, this pagoda is one of the very few places still can maintain priceless ancient artifacts and items. Without hyperbole effect, Silver Pagoda is a religious site of jewels due to its highlight crystal Emerald Buddha sculpture sitting on a gilded pedestal, and nearby is a masterpiece of the golden Buddha statue with 2000 diamonds adorned.

Witness the crimes of Khmer Rouge in Toul Sleng Genocide Museum

If you ever heard about the crimes of Khmer Rouge, Toul Sleng would be the must-visiting place which can remark your Cambodia Tours. Used to be a peaceful high school, the Khmer Rouge turned this place into a prison where they confined, tortured and then killed nearly 20,000 prisoners indiscriminately men, women, old men, and even children. That’s not all. The Pol Pot Government show their madness by taking photographs of every single prisoner before and after torture. These photos now become the clearest proofs against the crimes of cruel Khmer Rouge. The Choeung Ek nearby was the killing field where the Pol Pot government ferociously purged average 100 people per day.

In Siem Reap

Angkor Wat – the symbol of Cambodia which is printed in the national flag – is the most popular destination in this religious country. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the largest religious monument in the world with a variety of temples and pagodas.

Angkor Wat

Has the name of the complex, Angkor Wat Temple is the main attraction following the design of classic Khmer architecture. The old Khmer skillfully turned sandstone into a manmade durable masterpiece. You can get a glimpse of Khmer culture through various images carved on the bas-reliefs of the temple showing their daily life under the pictures of God and Saints who were blessing them with health, wealth and luck.

Bayon Temple

The temple is home to 54 towers where over 200 faces carved into the stone surface. Be built in the period ruling by the King Jayavarman VII, these faces are the portrait combined of him and the Buddha. Following the Khmer architecture, the temple is divided into 3 levels with different shapes, the two first ones are rectangular and the third is circular.

Ta Prohm

Hiding in the jungle is the Ta Prohm surrounded by trees growing out of the roofs that put a scene from India Jones into real life. Different from the Bayon Temple following the image of the King Jayavarman VII, this picturesque site is dedicated to his mother and also showed the power of nature. Was formerly a storage of precious items such as gold, pearls, and superior silks, the temple had a long time be forgotten after the fall of Khmer empire. However, Ta Prohm now is maintained by local people and become one of the most sacred sites in Cambodia.

Angkor Thom

Has the name of the old capital in the Khmer empire, Angkor Thom temple is the alternative home built for the King Jayavarman VII in case of the first one is attacked by enemies. That the reason why this temple is nearly inviolable with a wall of 8 meters height and a massive moat surrounding. The design is the same as Bayon temple with four huge faces in four different directions. Another main highlight is the causeway showing over 100 statues which are gods and demons telling about the Hindu legend of “The Churning of the Ocean of Milk”.

In Sihanoukville

Beach vacation

Sihanoukville is perfect tropical paradise which suits every vacation, holiday and honeymoon. With many facilities, a few days enjoy the beach is worth a visit to Cambodia. Take a swim in the fresh clean water, then go snorkeling to real-touch with fishes and other sea animals. If you just want a serene vacation, enjoy the stunning sunshine by lazily lying on the long beautiful sandy beach. On the Bamboo Island, enjoy a savory BBQ meal with freshly caught seafood.

Ecotour in Ream National Park

Come to this National Park, you can get a glimpse of the mangrove ecosystem included jungle, rivers and lush tropical islands. Don’t be too surprise if you hear voices of bird all the time. This place is home to a plenty of species such as bird, sun bears, monkeys, fishing cat on the land, and turtles, dolphins and even dugongs known as the mermaid on the ocean. Trekking along the park and finally stop at the sand beach to enjoy the beautiful sunset.