Tran Thai Tong – The First Emperor of Tran Dynasty

Statue of Tran Thai Tong

Tran Thai Tong (Tran Canh, 1218- 1277) was the founder and first king of the Tran dynasty, son of Tran Thua, a high-ranking official in the Ly Court.

Thai Vi Temple - Temple of Tran Kings
Thai Vi Temple – Temple of Tran Kings

He became the husband of the Ly dynasty’s Queen Ly Chieu Hoang in a marriage arranged by his uncle Tran Thu Đo and received the crown from his wife. He led the victorious war of 1258 against Yuan-Mongol invaders, then abdicated in favor of his son Tran Thanh Tong and became a monk and Zen philosopher. Author of Khóa hư lục (Treatise on Nothingness).