Tieu Son Pagoda – Bac Ninh

Tieu Son Pagoda (Chua Tieu Son). Official name: Truong Lieu tu. Built on a hill side from earth and Tieu Son stone, (altitude: 70-80) in Tuong Giang village (Tieu Son district, ancient Bac Ninh), near Thien Tam pagoda with a study room of Cam Tuyen monastery.

Tieu Son Pagoda in Bac Ninh
Tieu Son Pagoda is covered by shady trees

According to the legend, a lady from Pham family, visiting Tieu Son pagoda, became pregnant after having met a genius; she gave birth to an infant, Ly Cong Dan who should become the king founder of the Ly dynasty). At the same time, a dog of Cam Tuyen also gave birth to a white dog bearing black characters “Son of the Sky” (king), confirming the omen. Friar Van Hanh educated young monk Ly Cong Uan and prepared his accession to the throne. He hid himself in Tieu Son pagoda. Novelist Khai Hung wrote his work Tieu Son Trang Si (the Knight of Tieu Son) with the pagoda as a place for the personages’ action.