After “Kong: Skull Island” was release, the press and the critics have presented different comments regarding the quality, setting and plot of the movie. Even though Kong received both positive and negative reviews, the setting landscape in Vietnam was said to play a key role in setting fame to the movie.

Impressive and Inspiring Setting

The monster hunt scene was reminded of the blockbuster “Apocalypse Now” of famous director Francis Ford Coppola. Meanwhile, director Jordan himself stated that he had borrowed details from “Apocalypse Now” such as the red sky and napan bombing to describe the violence of Vietnam War.

A giant King Kong in the movie

A giant King Kong in the movie

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Skull Island rising from the Atlantic Ocean, mysterious and extraordinary. Kong was also outstanding at his giant size, bigger than in any movie about King Kong you have ever watched.

Dull Movie Plot

Even though Vietnamese critics give many positive comment on “Kong: Skull Island”, international critics decide to rank the movie as “acceptable”. From their point of view, Jordan has spent effort in special effect and setting movie sites rather than the perfecting the plot. The movie was entertaining, but not really meaningful.

As stated by the New Yorker, the movie plot lacks cohesion with groups of characters wandering on the island instead of fighting together. Meanwhile, said the Guardian, but for the impressive setting, Kong: Skull Island is no where better than the versions in 1933 and 2005

Vietnam appears unique and beautiful

Kong: Skull Island movie sites were set in Vietnam, Australia, Hawaiii, but the site in Vietnam is what causes the most attention and definitely the most impressive.

Vietnam beauty appearing on the movie

Vietnam beauty appearing on the movie

Journalist Genevieve Sarah Loh from News Asia even hold an interview with the crew to find out why Vietnam was the best movie site for Kong.  Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts expressed: “I have loved Vietnam’s landscape at first sight. You will also see that, other than the land, you will love the cuisine, people and culture here as well”

The Variety also praised the beauty of Vietnam reflecting in the movie: “Instead of using green background to make special effect, the crew has employed real images from Vietnam, Australia…this help the island appears much more naturally. Vietnam landscape in particular is really unbelievable, we can’t even imagine such place exists in this world”