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Top 6 Destinations for Vietnam Cycling Tours

Vietnam is famous for its diverse nature. From vast rice paddies to stunning sandy beaches to spectacular mountains, its beauty mesmerizes travelers for the first time. Vietnam is also well-known for many ideal places for the biking adventure. Here is the top 10 best places for Vietnam bike tours


Sapa is a foggy town belonging to the mountainous northern area of Vietnam. This land enchants tourists by heavenly beauty with hovering soft clouds scarfing mountain ranges. Along the biking route, you will see the change in nature going up to higher altitudes and encounter many minority people in treacherous paths. Rice paddies are considered as the specialty of this town which turns to a prosperous yellow during harvesting, which is loved by many travelers on their Vietnam cycling holidays. cycling tours sapa vietnam

Moc Chau

Know as the hometown of the best tea in Vietnam, Moc Chau is a small peaceful town of Son La province in Northen Vietnam. Thanks to its immense green tea plantation, heavenly atmosphere with vivid wildflowers and spectacular mountains, Moc Chau is one of the most beautiful places for cycling tours in Vietnam. vietnam bike tours in mai chau

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass should be on adventurous cyclers’ list because it posses spectacular mountains and sharp cliffs against the ocean. There are many ways to do cycling on Hai Van Pass: you can ride from Hue and head to Danang bypassing Hai Van. The wonderful natural beauty will mesmerize travelers along the route. cycling holidays in hai van pass vietnam

Hoi An

If you are looking for relaxing Vietnam cycling tours, Hoi An is a promising place for you. Pedaling from the bustling city to peaceful rural areas, you do not only enjoy beautiful sightseeing but also experience the Vietnamese lifestyle and taste a ton of traditional dishes. You will easily encounter many iconic images of Vietnam such as rice paddies, bamboo houses, water buffalo, etc. Cycling in Hoi An is the best way to find the poetic of this prosperous town. hoi an vietnam bike tours

Da Lat

Located on the Langbiang Plateau of Central Highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat is known as the city of love with many vivid fields full of wide flowers. Coming there cyclers can ride any route they want but the route often chosen is riding to the base of Langbian Mountain and continue going along the forest trails and heading to Victory Lake and Valley of Love. Along the route, you can enjoy the beauty of spectacular mountains and silver waterfalls. vietnam cycling holidays in dalat

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is the greatest place for cycling with wonderful natural beauty and super friendly locals. Visit this land to appreciate rice paddies expanding to the horizon and colorful floating fruits on the rivers. People here built their houses beside a dense network of rivers, canals, and streams, some live on their boats. Cyclers also can go to quaint riverside towns to learn about the locals’ lifestyle. vietnam cycling tours mekong delta

Tips & Advice for Vietnam Cycling Tours

The Best Time to Cycle in Vietnam

The time between October and February is the best time for biking tours in Vietnam because the weather is cool and rarely rains. You should avoid summer months when the temperature can reach over 40°C. If you do a cycle trip in summer you should get up early and stop by a coffee shop or street-side restaurant to take a nap at noon and avoid the heat.

The Best & Worst Places to Cycle in Vietnam

The big highway which connects north and south Vietnam is considered one of the worst places to cycle in Vietnam because of the highest number of trucks and busses. While the Mekong Delta is one of the best choices for cycles with hundreds of small roads you can turn off to and get off the beaten track. Traffic there is less intense and people are super hospitable.

Foods for Cyclers

Vietnamese cuisine is so tasty you can find cheap foods everywhere along your cycling holidays. Banh Mi is available along the street and is one of the best choices for breakfast. There are a lot of options for lunch such as Bun, Pho (beef or chicken noodle soup with vegetables), etc. The price of a bowl of Pho is around $1.

Vietnamese Phrases for Cyclers

During the journey you can meet many Vietnamese people, some of them can wave their hands and say “hello” to you. The simplest way to respond is saying “ hello” with a smile, but if you can say some Vietnamese sentences like “Xin chào” or “ Cảm ơn” that ‘s much greater. In case you want to ask someone direction you should use the phrases “ ở đâu”, it sounds like “o dough”. But the best way to find direction is by writing it down because it is quite hard for foreigners to pronounce Vietnamese, or using Google Maps.

Other Tips

Cycling in Vietnam you may have to be faced with some problems such as being ripped off, being lost, etc. If you are lost you can ask locals for help, if you lost your bike you can take an independent mini-bus, which serve as the town to town transport in most of the country. Many cyclers may be ripped off when buying something, so the solution is that once you have a sense of how much things should cost, you can bargain for a reasonable price. We operate a variety of Vietnam tour packages. Check out our recommended Vietnam cycling tours, if you do not find any suitable tours or day trips, please contact our experts. We will help you tailor a unique cycling tour that is exclusively for you.