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You will get a safe and tremendously interesting Vietnam cycling tour and see a ‘real’ Vietnam with the assistance of Viet Vision Travel. We have a lot of experience in organizing cycling trips all around Vietnam. For specialized cycling trips through Indochina, whether they are strenuous or gentle, we know the network of paths in mountainous regions and the back roads of villages. We use good quality, well-maintained bikes, and know how and where to use them ensuring safe and comfortable travel. There would be two types of cycling tours in Vietnam that we offer:

Vietnam cycling adventures
These types of trips are designed for someone looking for a really adventurous cycling holiday. We use professional bikes to meet your needs. For each trip, we would ask you to send us your height and we will prepare the suitable bike for you. We have designed our tour itineraries for people who practice cycling often and want to do both sightseeing and have physical challenges.
Every day, you will cycle from 30 to at most 80 km. It depends if you are on good roads or bumpy ones. We always try our best to avoid the crowded roads and using back roads as often as we can. This is a real balance between touring and cycling. For each adventure cycling tour, we have well-prepared support crews and equipment including van, truck, professional mechanic, tour guides; we also have spare bikes, spare tubes, and tools. For each trip, we support enough drinking water, fruits and foods for your needs during this physical trip. However, this is an adventure holiday, not a racing tour, so we will design the trip to balance between adventure, relaxation, and fun in the safest way.

Vietnam easy cycling trips
Travel from one place to new destinations, we take soft cycling tours in Vietnam to visit cultural and historical sites using bicycles instead of vehicles, which allows us to go further out of noisy and touristy places to peaceful and lush country sites and villages. Just need to pick up a good Vietnamese bicycle at your hotel or homestay and spend a couple hours in the afternoon gently paddling on flat lanes to neighboring villages cross rice paddy and back to the hotel or homestay by another way.

  • A boat going back to the dock to finish the trip visiting Tam Coc

    Cycling Tam Coc & Cuc Phuong National Park – 2 Days

    Discover northern Vietnam, in this trip to visit the hidden charm of the Red River Delta. Along the way, we will encounter pastoral landscapes and sweeping panoramas as rural population carry out the business of farming rice paddies. We visit the historical area of Hoa Lu…

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  • Cai Be floating market

    Softly Cycling Mekong Delta Tour – 2 Days

    Our soft cycling Mekong Delta tour starts from Ho Chi Minh with a drive to My Tho where we can visit biggest Vinh Trang pagoda and then take the boat to Ben Tre for softly bike along the lanes of villages passing fruit gardens and have a night at Vinh Long home-stay.

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  • Cycling

    Discover Mekong Delta By Bike – 3 Days

    Most of classic tour to Mekong delta region is traveling on road and sampan boat riding long the rivers, they miss real daily life culture of villagers who are living in be hide rive banks,…

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  • Cycling in Cuc Phuong National Park

    North East Vietnam Soft Cycling – 5 Days

    The potential of Vietnam tourism is often mentioned when referring to the main attractions. Also of great value is staying in small villages, immersing in the daily life and culture of local people. We do not need a lot of time; it can easily be done and satisfy your Vietnam travel needs…

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  • Jasmine Thompson

    Vietnam cycling tour for beginer?
    I only learned cycling 2 months ago, so I am quite a beginner. I am interest a Cycling Tour. Please let me know if I am still can do this tour, as I found it good chance to improve my riding skills and at the same time have a vacation.

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      It is ok. You will take Vietnam easy cycling trips, which is easier and more suitable for you. You will travel from one place to new destinations; we take soft cycling tours in Vietnam to visit culture and historical sites using bicycles instead of vehicles, which allows us to go further out of noisy and touristy places to peaceful and lush country sites and villages.

  • Noah Kennedy

    Longer tours for cycling adventure in Vietnam?
    We didn’t see a lot of cycling tour in your website, only some short day tours for biking. Do you have longer tours for cycling adventures in Vietnam?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      Sure, we do have longer tours for biking adventure in Vietnam. The tours you see in our website are most popular short day tours for cycling trip. You can absolutely customize tour for your own cycling trip in Vietnam with number of days and many requirements to meet your needs. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

  • Hayden Whitehead

    Can we hunt for some nice photos during cycling trip?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      Of course, you can. In most tour program we endeavor to bring our clients fully experiences of Vietnam people and country throughout biking adventures. We will arrange the time and destination for you to get the spectacular photos and moments.

  • Benjamin Kelly

    Is Cai Be floating market included in cycling tour in Mekong Delta?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, in some biking Mekong delta tours you can take the boat trip to visit Cai Be floating market with the scene of local people buying, selling and exchanging their product on board.

  • Dominic West

    Do you have soft cycling tours?
    We are not too fit for long cycling adventure.

  • Mollie Ahmed

    What do you combine in cycling tours? Only cycle around?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      No, our cycling tours are not only for biking around but also for walking, sightseeing, swimming, kayaking as well as hunting for nice photos…

  • Ruby Tenison

    Vietnam biking tours 2015?
    We plan to visit Vietnam next year, we really love your Vietnam cycling adventure tour. But can you tell me what the best time for cycling trip in Vietnam is?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      The weather in Vietnam is quite varied and complicated. You will never meet the same weather from the north to the south of Vietnam. In northern Vietnam, the time between October and December is a good time for cycling trip when the weather is very cool, not too cold while dry season (from December to March) is wonderful time for biking travel in southern Vietnam.

  • Sophia Jull

    Will you support homestay during cycling tours?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, we provide homestay for our customers during biking trip. It will be a wonderful experience for your vacation in Vietnam.

  • Katie Grasby

    Can we tip for tour guides as well as vehicle supports after cycling trip?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Generally, tipping is not customary in Vietnam. But you should tip for tour guides, drivers or vehicle supports after the trip if you feel they are helpful.

  • Stephanie

    What are included in biking tour packages?
    We have heard a lot about Vietnam, some of my friends come back from Vietnam and recommend us taking tours from you. We plan to take a biking trip from your company but can you tell me what are included in cycling tour packages?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Dear Stephanie,
      There are some differences among tour packages, but most packages for cycling trip include high quality mountain bikes, vehicle supports, English speaking guide (other languages upon request), fruits, snacks and water, during trip, accommodation and hotels…

  • Sienna Granville

    Is there any snacks provided during cycling days?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, sure, it’s an important element of keeping your energy for the whole day. We will arrange some stops en-route with salt peanuts, local fruits and other snacks. You will be able to stretch your legs after many kilometers pedaling throughout Vietnam cycling trips.

  • Piper Sherlock

    Helmet for cycling trips in Vietnam?
    Do you provide helmet in your Vietnam cycling tours? It’s a MUST in our country but not sure if it’s the same in yours.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Helmets are also MUST for all motor drivers in Vietnam. It’s not compulsory for bikes but we always advise our clients to wear this during cycling. Of course, it will be provided with bikes for all our Vietnam cycling tours.

  • Alexandra Yuille

    Is it safe when cycling around rural areas in Vietnam?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, it is safe. Our tour guides and vehicle support always follow you in each biking trips.

  • Cong Tai

    Could we have homestay if we take biking tours from you?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, you can. Most our cycling tours include homestay in tours program. We have dropped you more information for you cycling trip in Vietnam, please check.

  • Chan Juan Chien

    Can we bring water or food during cycling time?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      We provide drinking water, fruits and foods for your needs during cycling trips. You can bring them for your needs but it is included in our tour program.

  • Xiu T'ang

    Are there any things to do and see throughout biking trips in Vietnam?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Traveling from destination to destination will bring you authentic experiences about Vietnam. You can visit culture and historical sites by using bicycle instead of other vehicles which help you explore further out of noisy and tourist places, come back to peaceful and lush country side and rustic villages.

  • Oscar M. Johnsen

    What is the best itinerary for cycling trip in southern Vietnam?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      There are many nice places should not miss when cycling in the south. Here are some good itineraries for cycling trip in southern Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Vinh Long – Can Tho – Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Ben Tre – Vinh Long – Cai Be – My Tho, Ho Chi Minh – Vinh Long – Tra Vinh – Can Tho – Long Xuyen – Sa Dec – Ho Chi Minh… You can also customize your cycling trips in Vietnam.

  • Frank L. Scott

    How many kilometers should we cycle per day?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      You will be able to cycle from 30km to 80km per day depending on roads and pumps throughout cycling trips.

  • Jeffery M. Prejean

    Recommendation for 2 days cycling trip?
    We plan to visit Vietnam in early November, and we are looking 2 days cycling tour for our Vietnam trip. Any recommendations?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      We recommend 2 Day Softly Cycling Mekong Delta Tour and 2 Day Cycling Tam Coc & Cuc Phuong National Park. If you don’t feel suitable with tour itinerary, you can make customized tours. We have dropped you more information for your cycling trip in Vietnam, please check and let us know if we can help.

  • David G. Alvarez

    Are there any cycling tours of your company which include kayaking trip in Halong Bay?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, kayaking in Halong Bay is included in 3 Day Dong Trieu Home Stay – Soft Cycling & Ha Long or 5 Day North East Vietnam Soft Cycling. You can also customize tours for your cycling trip in Vietnam.

  • Delmar Harquin

    What are the best places for biking trips in Vietnam?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Vietnam topography is wonderful for cycling trips. Hanoi, Halong Bay, Dong Trieu, Ninh Binh, Tam Coc, Cuc Phuong, Ho Chi Minh City, Ben Tre, Cai Be, Vinh Long… are the best places for biking trips in Vietnam.

  • Agathe Roy

    What things will you support for your cycling trips in Vietnam?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Throughout each cycling trip in Vietnam, we support you crews and equipments including tour guides, van, truck and professional mechanic… We also prepare spare bikes, spare tubs and tools.


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  • Travel Destination at A Glance

10 Best Places for Cycling in Vietnam

Vietnam is famous for its diverse nature. From vast rice paddies to stunning sandy beaches to spectacular mountains, its beauty mesmerizes travelers at the first time. Vietnam also well-known for many ideal places for the biking adventure. Here is top 10 best place for cycling in Vietnam we recommended.


Sapa is a foggy town belonging to the mountainous northern area of Vietnam. This land enchants tourists by heavenly beauty with hovering soft clouds scarfing mountain ranges. Along the biking route, travelers will see the change in nature going up to higher altitude and encounter many minority people in treacherous paths. Rice paddies are considered as the specialty of this town which turn to a prosperous yellow in during harvesting.

Moc Chau

Know as the hometown of the best tea in Vietnam, Moc Chau is a small peaceful town of Son La province in Northen Vietnam. Thanks to its immense green tea plantation, heavenly atmosphere with vivid wildflowers and spectacular mountains, Moc Chau is one of the most beautiful places for cycling in Vietnam cyclers cannot miss.

Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass should be on adventurous cyclers’ list because it posses spectacular mountains and sharp cliffs against the ocean. There are many ways to do cycling on Hai Van Pass: you can ride from Hue and head to Danang by passing Hai Van. The wonderful natural beauty will mesmerize travelers along the route.

Hoi An

If you are looking for a relaxing cycling trip, Hoi An is a promising place for you. Cycling from the bustling city to peaceful rural areas, you do not only enjoy a beautiful sightseeing but also experience Vietnamese lifestyle and taste a ton of traditional dishes. You will easily encounter many iconic images of Vietnam such as rice paddies, bamboo house, water buffalo, etc. Cycling in Hoi An is the best way to find the poetic of this prosperous town.

Da Lat

Located on the Langbian Plateau of Central Highlands of Vietnam, Da Lat is known as the city of love with many vivid fields full of wide flowers. Coming there cyclers can ride any route they want but the route often chosen is riding to the base of Langbian Mountain and continue going along the forest trails and heading to Victory Lake and Valley of Love. Along the route, you can enjoy the beauty of spectacular mountains and silver waterfalls.

Cham Island

What is special about Cham Island is the wide ranges of experience you can get cycling around this beautiful Island. Cyclers will be mesmerized by amazing rich biodiversity along the journey. There are many routes you can choose such as you can ride along the coast after that cycling deeper into the island to explore the lifestyle of fishing villages there.

Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta is the greatest place for cycling with wonderful natural beauty and super friendly locals. Visit this land to appreciate rice paddies expanding to the horizon and colorful floating fruits on the rivers. People here built their houses beside a dense network of rivers, canals, and streams, some live on their boats. Cyclers also can go to quaint riverside towns to learn about the locals’ lifestyle.

Tips and Advice for Cycling in Vietnam

The good time to cycle in Vietnam

The time between October and February is the best time for cycling in Vietnam because the weather is cool and rarely rain. You should avoid summer months when the temperature can reach over 40°C. If you do a cycle trip in summer you should get up early and stop by a coffee shop or street-side restaurant to take a nap at noon and avoid the heat.

Best and worst places to cycle in Vietnam

The big highway which connects north and south Vietnam is considered as one of the worst places to cycle in Vietnam because of the highest number of trucks and busses. While the Mekong Delta is one of the best choices for cycles with hundreds of small roads you can turn off to and get off the beaten track. Traffic there is less intense and people are super hospitable.

Accommodation for cyclers

You can find easily an accommodation along the road with a reasonable price. There is a wide range of hotels with different price fluctuating around 10 dollars for a simple room. The most popular type of hotel in Vietnam is a narrow 3 story with reception area on the ground floor. Every hotel has a space to park cycle overnight.

Foods for cyclers

Vietnamese cuisine is so tasty you can find cheap foods everywhere along your route. Banh Mi is available along the street and is one of the best choices for breakfast. There are a lot of options for lunch such as Bun, Pho(beef or chicken noodle soup with vegetables), etc. The price of a bowl of Pho is around $1.

Vietnamese phrases for cyclers

During the journey you can meet many Vietnamese people, some of them can wave their hands and say “hello” to you. The simplest way to respond is saying “ hello” with a smile, but if you can say some Vietnamese sentences like “Xin chào” or “ Cảm ơn” that ‘s much greater. In case you want to ask someone direction you should use the phrases “ ở đâu”, it sounds like “o dough”. But the best way to find direction is writing it down because it is quite hard for foreigners to pronounce Vietnamese, or using Google map.

Other problems

Cycling in Vietnam you may have to be faced with some problems such as being ripped off, being lost, etc. If you are lost you can ask locals for help, if you lost your bike you can take an independent mini-bus, which serve as the town to town transport in most of the country. Many cyclers may be ripped off when buying something, so the solution is that once you have a sense of how much things should cost, you can bargain for a reasonable price. We operate a variety of Vietnam vacations and tours. Check out our recommended Vietnam cycling tour, if you do not find any suitable tours or day trips, please contact our experts. We will help you tailor a unique cycling tour that is exclusively for you.
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