Vietnam Itinerary 10 Days

Where should we go if we just have a Vietnam Itinerary 10 Days to explore the S-shaped country?

It is possible to explore the beautiful landscapes of Vietnam in 10 days, you will have a chance to visit all the well-known destinations in Vietnam to enjoy the beauties of nature as well as the people living in the country. Exploring from the North to the South of Vietnam is a thrilling experience that you should have as you not only can admire the spectacular view that is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage but you also can join in to live the life of the local people.

Suggested destinations you should visit during your 10-day Vietnam vacation

Hanoi (1 day)

With traditional culture and stunning landscape, Hanoi-the heart of Vietnam is the place that you should not miss when traveling to Vietnam. There are various places to go namely: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake and so on. Each place you visit will make you satisfied as you have an opportunity to know and understand more about the beauty of the capital. Not only is Hanoi known for its beauty but it also is memorized for its hustling life and all delicious dishes. Thus, when strolling down the streets, you can try different kinds of taste that make Hanoi different from other places. Each corner is renowned for its distinguished favors so if you want to taste one particular dish, you should go to the street that it is famous for.

Sapa (3 days)

Located in the North of Vietnam, Sapa is a mountainous area where different ethnic groups live there. To discover Sapa with an exciting way, you should hire a motorbike and head to Sapa from Hanoi by yourself. The roads to Sapa are quite harsh but it will be one of the best journeys in your life. On the way to Sapa, you can enjoy the view of the endless rice fields and you can also have a chance to stay and live with the ethnic groups in the house on stilts. One spot that you should not ignore when discovering is Fansipan- a part of Hoang Lien mountain range. You can challenge yourself by trekking to the top of Fansipan- the highest peak of Indochina and enjoy the stunning view and celebrate the victory when you reach the peak of the mountain.

Halong Bay (2 days)

Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage, Halong Bay located in the North East of Vietnam is considered as one of the most beautiful caves in the world. It is said that Ha Long means the bay of “Descending Dragon”, thus tourists will be enchanted with its mysterious stories and limestone islands when discovering Halong Bay. Here, you can take a ferry or spend 4 hours cruising on the bay with private boats to different caves such as “Sung Sot” Cave (One of the biggest caves in Halong), Trinh Nu Cave etc. to admire the natural beauties. Then, you also indulge in various activities such as swimming, canoeing, kayaking, etc.

Hoi An (1 day)

With its impressive architecture, Hoi An located on the bank of Thu Bon River is a popular destination for tourists. Hoi An is recognized as a Cultural World Heritage site by UNESCO. It is well preserved thus it still keeps its main architecture. A day trip to Hoi An, tourists have a chance to admire the ancient beauties of the streets and enjoy the fresh air while riding a bike.

Ho Chi Minh City (1 day)

Formerly known as “Sài Gòn”, Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in term of population and economy and it is also one of the most important centers of culture and education in Vietnam. Different from Hanoi- the capital city of Vietnam, there are just 2 main types of the season which are dry and wet seasons, each season will have its own unique feature. When visiting Ho Chi Minh, you should try the street coffee at least one time in your life. Believe me, it can not let you down.

Hue (1 day)

When mentioning to Hue, people often think about the quaint beauty of old palaces, the complex monuments, tombs and pagodas in the city. All aforementioned features create the unique beauty to attract people all walks of life. Here, tourists can take a trip travel back in time when immersing yourself in impressive tombs of Vietnam Kings. Also, you can pay a visit to the Imperial Citadel- the UNESCO World Heritage.

Mekong Delta (1 day)

Mekong Delta- the region in southwestern Vietnam is rich in natural resources and unique river life that you should not ignore your journey. If you take a tour to Mekong Delta, you will have a chance to participate in different activities such as visiting Cai Rang- one of the most vibrant floating markets, experiencing the real life of the local and supporting them pluck the fruits in orchards and then enjoying the fresh tropical fruits here.

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