There are plenty of options to move from Noi Bai Airport to Hanoi center. However, as the first time of Hanoi travel, you might not know well the transportation from Noi Bai Airport to the city center and vice versa, you will most likely encounter the unfortunate circumstances such as stolen luggage, high taxi charges or losing the way. For convenience, cost savings and security, Viet Vision Travel will provide you with the most detailed and up-to-date information about the high-quality express bus 86 from Noi Bai International Airport to Hanoi Old Quarter.

bus 86

Highlights of Bus 86

One of the Cheapest & Most Convenient Way

Instead of paying VND 200,000 for a taxi, it only takes you 35,000 VND for a single bus 86 ticket, which is extremely reasonable. Besides the cheap price, bus 86 is well-equipped with the conveniences such as an air-conditioner, Wi-Fi connection, comfortable furniture together with wide and clean glass windows allow enough space for foreigners on the journey to enjoy the scenery. Moreover, bus 86 does not drop passengers at too many stops so it always guarantees the exact time to get to the airport. At rush hour in the city, the time to the last station is only 5-minute late compared to normal.

inside bus 86

Choosing Bus 86 for a Responsible Travel

To serve the needs of passengers from the center of Hanoi and Noi Bai International Airport, nearly two years ago (April 30, 2016), Hanoi Transportation Corporation has put bus 86 with the route from Hanoi Railway Station to Noi Bai International Airport to operate. After nearly 2 years of operation, bus 86 has carried millions of passengers with high-quality services as well as friendly and professional staff. Bus 86 has contributed to solving the traffic jams in Hanoi along with protecting the environment of the capital.

Bus 86 Stops & Timetable

Bus Schedule: Hanoi Train Station (5:05-21:40) – Noi Bai Airport (6:25 -23:05)
Travel time: 68 minutes (one way)
Timetable: 25-30 minutes/bus

bus 86 time table

Bus 86 Routes

From Hanoi Center to Noi Bai Airport:

Hanoi Train Station -> bus stop opposite the Melia Hotel -> Hanoi Post Office (Buu Dien Hoan Kiem Lake) -> 23 Hang Tre St –> Long Bien Transpoint station (E11) -> bus stop at intersection Yen Phu – Cua Bac ->  bus stop at intersection Au Co – Xuan Dieu -> Au Co – Lac Long Quan (468 Au Co St) –> VAECO Company –> Noi Bai Terminal 1 -> Noi Bai Terminal 2.

bus 86 to noi bai airport

From Noi Bai Airport To Hanoi Center:

Noi Bai Terminal 1 -> Noi Bai Terminal 2 -> VAECO Company –> Au Co – Lac Long Quan (523 Au Co str)–> Au Co – Xuan Dieu stop -> bus stop at intersection Yen Phu – Cua Bac -> Long Bien Transpoint station -> 142 Tran Quang Khai –> Hanoi Opera House -> Hanoi Melia Hotel -> Hanoi Train Station

Tips for Traveling by Bus 86

How to Identify Bus 86 Pick-up Point at Noi Bai Airport

From Noi Bai Airport Terminal 1 (Domestic terminal): Right outside the terminal with the orange signpost.
From Noi Bai Airport Terminal 2 (International terminal): Proceed to the stand no 02 outside the terminal, cross the road and the bus stop is right there. It is opposite the stand no 02.

How to Buy Ticket for Bus 86

You can buy the tickets by Vietnam Dong (VND) directly on the bus 86.

Things to Keep in Mind on the Bus 86

  • At peak time, the bus will be quite crowded, which is the time when there are pickpockets, so remember to pay close attention to your belongings.
  • When you take the bus, you have to go up by the front door, get off by the back door to avoid people going up and down on the same door causing chaos.
  • There is no restriction regarding the luggage allowance on the bus.
  • Wi-Fi connection is free on bus 86