In the ceremony in Tuy Hoa (Phu Yen Province, Vietnam) on May 20, 2018, Bai Choi was recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Held at local spring festivals, Bai Choi is a well-known cultural activity in some provinces in central Vietnam such as Quang Nam, Hue, Khanh Hoa by its charming voices, interesting and attractive game as well as boisterous atmosphere. Come to see and play Bai Choi makes your vacation in Vietnam absolutely wonderful with unforgettable memories.

Bai Choi festival

Bai Choi Festival

Together with Hue’s royal court music, Xoan singing of Phu Tho province of Bac Ninh province’s Quan ho, the famous Vietnam Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Bai Choi owns its unique features with the excellent combination of folk music, traditional poems, art, and literature. In the festival, Bai Choi is divided into games and performances.

Bai Choi Games

The game’s stage includes nine cottages, containing 5 or 6 players. A cottage called the central house contains musicians and instruments. Cards are distributed to players and placed into the central house. During the game, musicians and players will sing folk music or read traditional poems.

Bai Choi - Vietnam World Heritage

Bai Choi Performance

Bai Choi’s performance can be improvisation or solo. Improvisation requires artists to sing immediately on the spot based on each situation while solo requires them to act like different characters. Both game and performance definitely bring amazing experience for attendance. Joining and enjoying Bai Choi, tourists can explore the custom and traditions of Vietnamese people with a lot of fun and entertainment.

Places to Experience Bai Choi

Bai Choi Festival in Hoi An

Hoi An is undoubtedly a famous destination of tourism, which partly contributed by Bai Choi. The authority of Hoi An, therefore, brings Bai Choi to many tourism programs such as “Night in old quarter” and organized it every night in parks and banks of Hoai river. You should add Bai Choi as an indispensable part of your Hoi An tour.

Bai Choi Festival in Hue

Thanh Thuy Chanh village is the only one in Hue maintaining Bai Choi. Often taken place in Tet festival, Bai Choi gathers a lot of outstanding artists in Hue, performing many folk songs and poems. Nowadays, Bai Choi appears in Hue festival not only protecting a cultural value but also spreading it widely to the world.

Bai Choi Festival in Binh Dinh

Bai Choi Festival in Khanh Hoa

Khanh Hoa tourism is distinguished by Nha Trang and Bai Choi. Bai Choi in Khanh Hoa has the same origin as the one in Hoi An or Hue but it is featured by the diversity. Bai Choi in Khanh Hoa is “provided” by cai luong from the southern and Bo singing form mid-central Vietnam. This perfect mixture creates a sweet and warm voice touching the heart of many audiences.