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The rewards of travel are even greater when combined with photography. A photo tour encourages you to interact with people and places in a more intense and often intimate manner. You will come away with a rich array of pictures that reflect the time and attention paid to the best opportunities and lighting. You will also additionally take advantage of special events such as festivities, weddings… and have the time required to take pictures of markets, street senses, and activities of daily life.

Our Vietnam photo tours are designed for serious and amateur photographers. Our travel experts know where the best places for your photo trips are and when is the best time to go. Our tour guides are very professional and will stop at the best shooting points. For each photo tour, we will offer “Plan Your Own Touring” itinerary. We focus on a private photo trip to meet the demand of even one person or a group needs. So based on your request, we will support you step by step to build your own Vietnam tour package.
For each trip, we always make sure that you have enough time for your best shooting so the pace of times will be very flexible.

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The Professional Photographer: Art Lee & his wife, Betty Ann Lee are among our customers. After the trip to Vietnam with us in 2008, he won his GOLD MEDAL at New Jersey Federation of Camera Clubs for one of the pictures taken in Vietnam.

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Top 5 Destinations For Vietnam Photo Tours

Ha Giang Ha Giang is one of the most scenic destinations for tourists who are fond of photography. Visiting Ha Giang from October to December, you will be mesmerized by the imposing and picturesque scenery with the fields full of beautiful buckwheat flowers. The buckwheat flowers cover the mountainsides and along the winding roads, creating an amazing beauty. Ha Giang also is home to over 17 ethnic minority groups as well as the unique daily life and traditional culture of ethnic, so you can take many photos of them in colorful traditional costumes. One of the most famous highlights in Ha Giang is Nho Que- a poetic river passing through the legendary Ma Pi Leng mountain pass. Climb up to Lung Cu National Flag Tower to get the breathtaking view and take a ton of awesome photos. Sapa Located in Lao Cai, Sapa Town is well-known for its fine, rugged scenery and the rich cultural diversity. Visit Sapa in April and May to admire the most scenic beauties of Sapa Town. Especially, during the winter months, there are periods of light rain and heavy fog which puts Sapa in the clouds and allows for some fantastic photo opportunities. Make sure that you do not miss some following impressive highlights such as Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Waterfall, Rattan Bridge, Bamboo Forest and Ta Phin Cave and Fansipan Mount-the roof of Vietnam and Indochina with 3,143 m height. If you take your Sapa tours during Tet holiday, you will witness the whole Sapa town filled with the pink color of peach blossom...fantastic! Halong Bay Halong Bay is another beautiful place that professional photographers cannot miss. Halong will make you lost in a fairy world with a series of magnificent islands like La Vong Island, Dau Nguoi Islet, Trong Mai Islet, and stunning caves with miraculous legends such as Trinh Nu Cave, Tam Cung Cave, and more. Visiting Halong Bay, you not only can yacht to get the breathtaking view as well as excellent photos of the stalactites in caves system or vaporous clouds of mist but also can take a boat to Co To Island for bathing in the crystal water and diving to appreciate the coral reefs. The Bay also bosses a high biological diversity with the typical ecosystems such as coral reef ecosystem, tropical forest ecosystem and mangrove ecosystem. Therefore, Halong absolutely will give you a chance to take many awesome photos even under the water. It is home to thousands of species of animals as well as plants that live in the forests or in the sea. Make sure to hit Tuan Chau Island for the memorable experience. Hanoi Hanoi is the next ideal destination in your Vietnam photo itinerary. As one of the most ancient capital in the world, Hanoi appeals tourists by a chain of well-preserved colonial buildings, sacred pagodas, unique museums. It also well-known for its delectable cuisine, vibrant nightlife, silks and handicrafts. Explore this French-colonial city on food, you will be overwhelmed by the elegant beauty, mouthwatering street foods as well as charming smiles of super friendly locals. Hanoi guarantees you a variety of great photos of poetic landscape and bustling lifestyle. Do not forget to relax in a small sideroad coffee shop or sip a glass of beer on Ta Hien street to feel like a real local. Hoi An Located on the banks of the poetic Thu Bon River, Hoi An still remains such a pristine ancient beauty after nearly 300 circles of the four seasons. As an Eastern oriental classic captivation classic captivation, Hoi An town is a wonderful destination where you can capture a ton of impressive images. Visit Hoi An, tourists can admire a series of old-architectured lanes and house with moss-grown walls, deeply plain roofs as well as old furniture. Premium oriental combines with western style creating a unique ancient Hoi An. You will absolutely want to immerse yourself in the classic beauty of this town. It will be more interesting if you go to Hoi An on the 14th of the August lunar month to when the Mid-Autumn Festival is held and the Old Town becomes even more festive than usual, active and marvelously decorated with colorful lights and lamps along every lane. Especially, on the 15th of every lunar month, the lantern festival is held. This is the most enchanting and special one of Hoi An, which is typically demonstrated with all colorful hanging cloth and paper lanterns switched on altogether while all electrical equipment is off, leaving the Old Quarter bathed in the warm glow of colored silk, glass and paper lanterns. Hoi An is a really perfect destination for every type of tourists, especially photographers. Anyway, feel free to contact us if you are looking for unique and tailor-made Vietnam photo tours as well as a variety of Vietnam vacations and tour packages.