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Viet Vision Travel has put together a list of Quang Binh tour itineraries combining essential cave and jungle discovery with hidden treasure exploration. Whether you are seeking for an adventure tour or just want to escape from dazzling lights of busy cities, our ready Quang Binh tour packages below will absolutely bring something back for you, or if you do not find any suitable tour, please contact us and we will help you design your own trip that exclusively for you.



  • Sophie

    Is one-day tour enough for my family to discover the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park?

    • Angela

      Of course, one-day trip is enough for you to fully enjoy all the activities and the beauty of the National park.

  • We will spend 1 day for Quang Binh tour, we love to Tien Son Cave, how can we discover all the length of Tien Son Cave?

    • Angela

      Unfortunately, you are able to access only 400m of the cave with light system since the rest of the cave is underground and quite adventurous.

  • My father really admires General Giap, and he wants to pay tribute to him in his tour to Quang Binh. Is it possible?

    • Stephen

      The resting place of late General Vo Nguyen Giap is located in Vung Chua – Dao Yen Quang Trach District. Your father of course can come there to pay tribute to him.

  • Maruf

    Why the local people named a cave “Swallow”?

    • Angela

      Hang En, so-called Swallow Cave, is inhabited by thousands of swallows, so people call it “Swallow Cave”.

  • Have Son Doong Cave been equipped with cable car yet? Because I bring along 2 kids in my Quang Binh excursion?

  • Lisa Dee

    Should I bring along a flashlight when I discover Dark Cave?

    • Tracey

      This cave doesn’t lack of light. It is just the name. But if you want to see more far corners of the cave you should.

  • sathit

    What dishes should we taste on my tour to Quang Binh?

    • Tracey

      A trip to Quang Binh may be less interesting if one don’t try these foods: Porridge soup, Sweet deo, the filter cake, Brown rice pancakes, Black sea.

  • Ibitayo

    What is the highlight of Quang Binh tour to Living Valley?

    • Laura

      On our excursion to Living Valley, U guys will be shown how to survive in this valley by finding which kind of forest leave or fruit we can eat by the tour guide.

  • Nibal

    What does “Tien Son” cave mean?

    • Angela

      Because stalactites and stalagmites have the shape like several fairy-tales, this is the reason why people call this cave “Tien” (Fairy).

  • Jocelyn

    My kids are fond of activities. Any outdoor activities available in the Quang excursion to Dark Cave.

    • Stephen

      Of course yes. This tour is designed for teenagers and their grown-ups with lots of fun outdoor activities like boating in the river, exploring a cave, swimming in the underground river, kayaking, ziplining…

  • Irene Shane

    We’ll be Hanoi in mid-December. After travelling some northern provinces, I’d like to go to Phong Nha-Ke Bang. But I don’t know what the best way to get there from Hanoi is?

    • Angela

      Overnight train is a good ideal as it is cheap & safe. You can also catch the domestic flight Hanoi – Danang, then transfer from danang to Quang Binh by shuttle bus.

  • Crisostomo

    I would be taking an adventure tour to Tien Son cave in next year. But do you know how to prepare before my short excursion to there?

    • Angela

      Physical preparation is the most important before Tien Son expedition to ensure your safety. You should take regular running, trekking and yoga for at least once per month. Mental preparation should be considered, always be strong, confident and ready for your trip. Purchase outdoor equipment is needed.

  • Marian

    We’re planning for one-week Vietnam vacation in this December. We spend 4 days for northern Vietnam & the rest for Central Vietnam with 1 day to Phong Nha Cave. Is one day sufficient for covering the cave?

  • Johan Gunawan

    I’ll be arriving in Vietnam in January and intend to visit Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. How to get there with the nearest route? Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi or Da Nang?

    • Angela

      You should depart from Danang airport to go there, take a bus or train to Dong Hoi (Quang Binh) and then continue to local buses to Phong Nha-Ke Bang for cheaper fare.

  • Christinelee

    My flight will be Dong Hoi airport, Quang Binh at 22:00 this December. But how can I approach the city center at that time. Is it too late to travel by bus?

    • Laura

      The buses stop running at that time. From Dong Hoi airport, it’s just about 10km to the north to the city center, so the taxi is highly recommended.

  • Florence

    We’re planning to take Quang Binh tour to visit Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park in February next year for the first time. Are there any specialties to taste?

    • Laura

      Quang Binh is packed with specialties that you can bring to home such as Khoai deo, dried squid, Tan An girdle-cake or Voxa wine.

  • Is anything interesting to do in 1-day Quang Binh tour, apart from exploring Phong Nha Cave & Dark Cave?

    • Angela

      This one-day Quang Binh tour is specially designed for youth with lots of interesting activities like boating, exploring a cave, swimming, kayaking, zipline in the cool water of Chay River…

  • Johan Gunawan

    We intend to spend 2 days in Quang Binh after a long trip in the northern Vietnam. Can someone know if it is possible to visit Phong Nha cave in December?

    • Angela

      Quang Binh enjoys cold with gentle wind in December, but it isn’t as freezing as in the North. The temperature sharply drops to 18°C or 17°C. The heavy rains are not frequently occurring in day of this month as in October and November, but it tends to rain more at night. So, you should prepare raincoats, coats, boots, sports shoes if you’d like to visit Quang Binh at that time.

  • Florence

    Are the entry tickets included in Phong Nha-Ke Bang Park Tour? How much does it cost?

    • Angela

      Yes, we will provide admission fees at Phong Nha-Ke Bang tour to visit the Phong Nha cave and Tien Son cave, free of charge for 1,3 meter-high children.

  • Hassan Imran

    My friends and I are going to travel Quang Binh for 3 days-3 nights. We will be Dong Hoi in early morning, then catch bus to Phong Nha cave in the first day. Next day, we will see Thien Cung and Thien Duong cave. Is it possible to come 2 caves in one day? The last day is to visit markets, and return to Hanoi.

    • Laura

      If you depart early, you can visit 2 caves in one day. But I highly recommend you should spend one day for each cave to fully enjoy the beauty of the cave.

  • Marianne

    We’re going to Hanoi in January next year. We’ll land in Hue after excursions in northern Vietnam and would like to get Quang Binh after that. Please tell me which is the best way to go?

    • Laura

      Coach is the best choice for you because of reasonable price and fast transfer. Moreover, you can take a taxi with quite higher price, but faster than coach.


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