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Top 8 Things to Do & See during Ha Giang tours

As one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam, Ha Giang boasts untouched and primitive natural landscapes of spectacular mountains, poetic deep valleys, and stunning rice terraces. Visit this mountainous province to admire the scenery’s magnificence and learn about the rich culture as well as the special lifestyle of ethnic minorities here. Below are the top 8 things to do and see in Ha Giang tours we recommended for you. Enjoy reading!

Get an Impressive View of Dong Van Limestone Plateaux

Ha Giang – the land of mountainous and hilly topography enchants tourists by the majestic scenery with towering mountain, silver waterfall and immense valleys. Dong Van Limestone Plateaux is one of the most stunning limestone regions in Vietnam. The limestone formations at this peaceful plateaux are created from different evolution stages of nature and environmental conditions through millions of years. Visit this land to admire its geological beauty and visit local villages to learn about the locals’ culture. dong van karst plateau ha giang tours vietnam

Enjoy the Beauty of Flowers

Ha Giang is a mosaic of colorful flowers such as buckwheat, plum, daisy, kale flower, etc which blossoms at different times of the year. Take your trip to Ha Giang between the end of October and the beginning of November to admire the beauty of pink buckwheat flower - the symbol of Vietnam northern mountainous area. Spend a Ha Giang tour in March if you like to enjoy the fragrance and the vivid colors of a variety of flowers such as pure white plum flower, wild peach flower in a cool & fresh climate. In addition, December is the best time to appreciate golden kale flowers blooming everywhere with your lover. flowers at ha giang tours from hanoi

Reach the Northernmost Point of Vietnam – Lung Cu Flag Tower

Journey to Lung Cu flag tower - an emblem of Vietnam’s territorial sovereignty to get very scenic landscapes on both sides of the road and visit local traditional villages of Hmong or Lo Lo people. Walking up to its top point of 1700 meter high to extend your view to the horizon of local village scattering beside winding rice terraces as well as China side. Reaching this point is also a popular way for Vietnamese and foreign tourists to show their love to Vietnam ha giang flagpole ha giang travel

Explore the Dong Van Market

Colors and folk music cover the ambiance and space of Dong Van Market. All the ethnic groups in Ha Giang gather at the market. They bring food, fruits, spices, souvenirs, handicrafts, and clothes, etc to sell for locals and tourists. The vibrancy of trade and commerce makes the quiet town become bustling and hustling. Besides, cultural activities and traditional festivals are held at the Dong Van market attracting thousands of visitors. Do not forget to spend time exploring this unique market on your Ha Giang tour. dong van ha giang tourism

Pay a Visit to Vuong Family’s House

Another highlight of the Ha Giang tours is the Vuong mansion which is a special building of the king of Miao ethnic - Vuong Chi Sinh and his family. It enchants tourists not by its gigantic size but by the impressing architecture which is the harmonical combination of Chinese and Hmong’s style. Located on a mountain with a tortoise’s back shape, this house was expected to bring wealth and prosperity to the owner because the turtle is one of the four sacred animals in the traditional Vietnamese legend (the four being the Dragon, Unicorn, Turtle, and Phoenix). Visit this Vuong family’s house to admire the beauty of this house as well as learn about the life of Hmong in the past. vuong family house ha giang tour from hanoi

Experience the Local Lifestyle of Ethnic Groups

There are 16 ethnic groups living scattered in the valley and slopes of mountains in Ha Giang. Each group distinguishes itself with a unique lifestyle, costume, and culture. Along with admiring the stunning landscapes in Ha Giang, visitors also can visit friendly locals there to learn about their customs and culture. For adventurous travelers, it will be more exciting to take part in treks to visit remote tribal villages, homestay in their houses, taste their delicious home-cooked dishes or soak up busy and colorful local markets which are so authentic and full of romantic events such as Dong Van market, Meo Vac market, etc. local village ha giang day tour

Conquering Ma Pi Leng Pass – the King of All Passes in Vietnam

Connecting two remote frontier districts of Meo Vac and Dong Van, Ma Pi Leng Pass is the highest point of the “legendary road of happiness”. Conquer this pass to understand how hard it was for local ethnic workers and volunteer to build up this part of “happiness road” just by simple working tools. Zigzagging up and down along mountain slopes to get a breathtaking view of magnificent mountains, poetic valleys and Nho Que river winding in and out. ma li peng pass day trips from ha giang

Stop at Quan Ba Heaven Gate & View Quan Ba Twin Mountains or Fairy Mountains

Conquer curving and winding Quan Ba pass and trek to the highest point of Quan Ba district - Quan Ba Heaven Gate to get a panoramic view of surrounding regions including Twin Mountains - Fairy mountains on the side of Tam Son town. There is an interesting legend about Quan Ba Twins Mountains, locals people believe the twin mountains are two breasts of a fairy and the fairy’s milk from her breast has provided good weather and fruitful crops for this land. Quan Ba Heaven Gate & Quan Ba Twin Mountains are attractive highlights in Ha Giang that you must discover during your Ha Giang tour. quan ba heaven gate ha giang day trip

Top 5 Must-eat Dishes in Ha Giang

Ha Giang not only well known for its stunning landscapes with spectacular mountains, poetic valleys, and gorgeous rice terraces as well as the typical habits and unique customs of ethnic people there but also for the impressing cuisine that you cannot find it anywhere else. Here are top 5 must-eat dishes in your Ha Giang tour, check it and do not skip any of them!

Steamed Egg Rolls

It seems to be that the cold climate of Ha Giang makes people there prefer to eat hot foods including steamed egg rolls. As its name reveals, this dish is just eggs that are well steamed and rolled up. It’s served with the pork bone-based sauce which perfectly enhances the flavor of the dish. Pick up a piece of thin egg roll, dip it into the sour and spicy source to enjoy its special flavor. steam egg rolls ha giang day tours

Au Tau Rice Gruel

Au Tau gruel rice one of the most famous specialty in Ha Giang that you have to try. It is made from glutinous rice, pig’s trotter, some special spices and “Au tau”. Some tourists find it is quite difficult to eat for the first time trying this dish because of a little bit of bitter taste but after that, they are all into its attractive flavor. Find a vendor food and enjoy a bow of Au Tau gruel rice to keep warm on a winter night, that’s such an amazing experience!

Bac Me Bamboo Sticky Rice

Bac Me bamboo sticky rice is a special dish that is made of Bac Me - a kind of sticky rice in Ha Giang, groundwater, bamboo sections, and banana leaves. Rice is mixed with salt and put into a bamboo-section with water. The mouth of bamboo is covered with dried banana leaves. The bamboo packs are grilled directly on charcoal for an hour. Peel away the bamboo cover to taste the fragrant sticky rice inside, guarantee you a totally new feeling. bac me bamboo sticky rice ha giang tours

Thang Den

Looking like the dish of floating cake in Hanoi or Cong cake in Lang Son, Thang Den is a special dish you cannot miss. The ingredients of this dish simply are sticky rice flour and filling peas. The flour will be kneaded into sphere shapes and boiled in a hot water until it floats on the water surface. This dish is coated with sugar, coconut milk, some sesame and peanuts on the top.

Five-Color Sticky Rice

Five-color sticky rice is a colorful unique dish in the northern mountain area. It is definitely a perfect architectural masterpiece of sticky rice with 5 vivid colors which are made from natural components: Red is made from Gac, green from tree leaves, yellow from turmeric and purple from Sau leaves. To make this dish local people have to soak rice into the water for 6-8 hours, divide the mixture into 5 parts, each of them is covered with one color. Especially, this dish not only attracts visitors by its flavor but also by the eye-catching way it’s served in a beautiful flower shape or in a small tower with the different colors of layers. five color sticky rice ha giang local tours Take a Ha Giang tour to discover the traditional cuisine of this land.

Weather in Ha Giang

The weather in Ha Giang has the characteristics of the typical mountainous area which is cool in daytime and cold at night. The average temperature annually is about 21OC but it greatly varies between day and night as well as seasons in a year (from 6oC to 10oC). Rains happen around the year. In addition, Winter in Ha Giang has snow.

Best Time to Visit Ha Giang

January to March: Enjoy Ha Giang Tours of Flowers

Spring is said to be the best time to visit Ha Giang. On this occasion, you will see a lively plateau of beautiful flowers such as peach, plum, and yellow rape flowers. Especially, if you take a Ha Giang tour in New Year festival of ethnic groups in Ha Giang, a ton of distinctive culture and custom is waiting for you to explore. The weather, at that time, is quite snug with little rain and cool breeze. see colorful flowers in your ha giang tour

April: Experience Khau Vai Love Market during your Ha Giang Tour

On 26th March, you can immerse yourself in the bustling and romantic atmosphere of Khau Vai Love Market. The market gathers thousands of ethnic people in Ha Giang and surrounding areas with a variety of products such as foods, handicrafts, and clothes, etc for you to buy as souvenirs.

May and June: Discover Ha Giang Tours of Irrigating Water Season

This is the time when crops begin. You can watch an outstanding canvas of Ha Giang with fields filled with water and hard-working farmers. Under the sunlight, the terraces look like the giant mirror reflecting the scenic beauties of nature.

August to October: Visit the Fields of Ripen Rice in your Ha Giang Tour

After months of planting and cultivating, the terraces of water before now turn yellow of ripe rice. If you have a chance to visit Ha Giang in both of the beginning and harvesting time of the crop, you will be amazed by its changes. visit the ripen rice season on ha giang day trips

November: The Season of Buckwheat Flowers in Ha Giang

Buckwheat flowers, the featured flower in Ha Giang, often grow in Dong Van rocky plateau with the color of pink and violet. Standing among the immense fields of these exotic flowers and taking wonderful photos will create the memories of the awesome Ha Giang tour. Festival of buckwheat flowers organized in November annually is also a must-visit program in Ha Giang.

December: Immersing Yourself in Snow of your Ha Giang Tour

The last month of the year is the season of yellow Colza flowers whose beauty cannot be expressed by any words. Besides, Ha Giang will be covered by the white of snow creating “the paradise” on the ground. It is completely a mistake if you miss this marvelous time of the year in Ha Giang. the winter of snow in ha giang

Ha Giang General Information

Location: North Pole of Vietnam
Population: Over 800,000 (2016)
Language: Vietnamese
Currency: Vietnam Dong (VND)
Natural Condition: Mountainous province (Average height: 800m – 1200m) ha giang travel map

People, Nature & Culture in Ha Giang

Ha Giang Ethnic Minorities

People in Ha Giang are generally gentle and hospitable. Their life is mostly self-sufficient cultivating rice and maize for a living. The land of Ha Giang includes rocky and high mountains together with rugged terrain and few fertile lands. Hence, the locals from children, adults to the elderly have to work hard day by day. Moreover, they live in rustic houses of leaves and bamboo shoots with no electricity, internet, and the shortage of clothes, food, as well as education. However, the smile is always on their lips the and they live happily together despite the difficulties in their daily life. local people in ha giang

Ha Giang Nature

The wildness of nature in Ha Giang has created a strong attraction to anyone who enjoys exploring and experiencing. It is also highlighted by the harmony of immerse forests, majestic mountains, mysterious caves, dreaming waterfalls, and magnificent terraces. Especially, Dong Van rocky plateau in Ha Giang has been recognized by UNESCO as one of the most impressive geological parks in the world. Furthermore, this land always satisfies tourists in search of an adventurous journey. Conquering spectacular passes and winding roads which are close to harsh rifts leaves you the unforgettable experience. the pristine nature of ha giang

Ha Giang Culture

Ha Giang has about 22 groups of ethnic minorities with 6 different languages and variety of culture and customs. They have maintained the rich treasure of habits, rituals, and longstanding beliefs with special characteristics proved by unique festivals and ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, and Tet holiday. Besides, the cuisine of Ha Giang has attracted a lot of tourists through its featured cook and species. Costumes of Ha Giang people, additionally, show its diversity through clothes, colors, and styles which are all made of natural materials. These things will absolutely make your Ha Giang tour be full of new and interesting explorations. ha giang unique culture

Ha Giang Travel Guides

How to Get to Ha Giang


From Hanoi, you can hire a motorbike and travel to Ha Giang. You can check Google Maps for the route.
Distance: About 320km
Travel time: From 8-10 hours


You can save time and energy by traveling to Ha Giang by bus. A wide range of buses is available for you to choose at My Dinh station (No. 20 Pham Hung St).

Single ticket price: Around 200,000 VND (about $10)
Travel time: 6-7 hours

Transportations in Ha Giang


Motorbike is the most convenient and fastest vehicle to travel on your Ha Giang tour. Consider some company of motor hiring below:

Giang Son Company
Service: Helmet, Map, Rope for tying luggage, Rooms for resting and bathing, Good vehicle maintenance
Address: Km3, Cau Me St
Tel: +84 94 17 19 955 - +84 988 470 863

Hang Thuong Company
Service: Helmet, Map, Free water, Good vehicle maintenance
Address: 15B Pham Hong Thai St, Minh Khai Ward
Tel: +84 942 50 8448


For easy and safe transportation, you can reach the destinations in Ha Giang by bus

Ha Giang – Quan Ba (Place of Buckwheat Flower)
Cuong Thuy Company (Tel: +84 915 407 522)
Thang Phuong Company (Tel: +84 915 185 434)

Ha Giang – Dong Van (Dong Van Rocky Plateau)
Cau Me Company (Tel: +84 915 448 933)
A Sinh Company (Tel: +84 984 520 371)

Ha Giang – Yen Minh (Place of dreaming pine forests)
Ngoc Cuong Company (Tel: +84 904 256 279)

Ha Giang – Meo Vac (The North Pole of Vietnam)
Hoang Tai Company (Tel: +84 912 394 082)
Ngoc Khanh Company (Tel: +84 987 382 992)

Mobile and Internet Access in Ha Giang

Despite the remote area of Vietnam, Ha Giang has a quite fast mobile connection. Stores of popular Vietnam mobile operators such as Viettel, Vinaphone or Mobifone are available at the city center in Ha Giang which supports you with full of services and SIM cards purchase. However, in this mountainous area, your mobile phone maybe lose connection.

Internet access and Wi-Fi is only available in Ha Giang city but not in most tourist destinations.

Useful Information for a Perfect Ha Giang Tour

Visiting Ha Giang, the longer means better. Your travel should be more than three days to enjoy every beauty there.
Carry with you: raincoat, waterproof covers for your mobile phone, camera, boots, first aid kits, mosquito repellent, and warm outfits
Tell the staff of the hotel where you go and when you come back. In case unfortunate things happen, they could help you. If you want to conquer Ha Giang by motorbike, make sure that handle it because roads and curves in Ha Giang are very dangerous. Remember to wear helmet and other protection tools
Prepare enough camping tools, foods and drinks, and outfits for mountain trekking in Ha Giang
Not be too curious with people of ethnic groups for your safe
Be responsible for protecting the nature and environment while enjoying your Ha Giang tour
If you hire a motorbike, refuel it yourself Camera is the indispensable thing in your luggage to take wonderful photos in Ha Giang
Be an early bird: Get up early to immerse yourself in the breathtaking dawn in Ha Giang

With above useful information, we hope that it will give you good ideas for your Ha Giang tours. If you want to know more about Ha Giang, or would like to get travel services of Ha Giang tour package, feel free to contact us our experts will reply you back soon with useful travel support, travel suggestion and the service’s detailed quotation for your perfect journey in Ha Giang! See you in Ha Giang, Vietnam. Anyway, we also offer a lot of choices for many types of Vietnam vacations and tours, check it right now!