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Viet Vision Travel provides a variety of private Ha Giang tours, adventure travel & excursions suit different timeframes and interests. Below are some suggested tour itineraries for your reference. Your departure time, group size, tour length are up to you. If you do not find any suitable tours, please contact us to tailor-made your unique tour to Ha Giang that exclusively for you.

  • Ha Giang - Rocky Plateau Tour

    4-Day Ha Giang – Rocky Plateau Tour

    This 4 days trip allows us to visit the well-known destinations with breathtaking views such as Dong Van, Meo Vac, Ma Pi Leng pass in Ha Giang and amazing Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan province…

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  • Stunning Ban Gioc Waterfalls

    6-Day Spectacular Northeast Vietnam

    Pick up at hotel in Hanoi in the early morning, we will take 291-KM drive to Ha Giang. The drive takes at least 6 hours passing through the countryside, villages and towns in the far Northern Vietnam. Along the way, we stop to visit Mac Dynasty Citadel in Tuyen Quang Province and a nearby local market…

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  • Katherine Sanderson

    Are the driving hours & traveling hours of the tours including the stops?
    The hours in brackets each day of this tour, are this driving hours or travelling hours including stops? Would there be some time along the way to walk around or would it be mainly in the car? I would like to know since I would not want to book a trip where we would be in the car for most of the day/week and cannot much enjoy the nature/beautiful scenery outside of the car.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      The specific hours I note is mentioned for the driving time, I quite understand that this is the full meaning of the excursions, this is not a simple transfer by bus J. It is sure that you will ask the guide/car for stopover any place to break time or take stunning photos along the way. Depending the distance & the time table, our guide will allow you stops to take photo/relax maximally.

  • James Morgan

    Is 2-day tour in Sapa very touristy?
    Will the two days in Sapa area be very touristy or would we escape the crowds and sellers to remote areas?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      I strongly recommend you to take the remote ethnic villages around Sa Pa, these villages were banned for the tourists & new open to welcome the tourists with the fixed permission letter. in order to visiting them, we need to take the letter & have a local guide to lead your party with the inevitable escorted guide to meander the small routes to reach them. So the price is higher but the landscape is wonderful & natural. You will hunt the best moments there. That is the main reason for no discount the price. Evenly I offer to not increase it.

  • Amy Power

    Is Nature and outdoor activities included in tour program?
    Would there be time to have some walks/hikes during this tour in general since we love nature and outdoor activities?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Sure. The tour is flexible for your party to break time to walk around/hike… don’t forget we need to have visit some ethnic villages along the way.. you need to walk to reach them.

  • Phoebe Herbert

    Will the driver stop for some photos?
    Would there also be time to take photos since I love photography. Can I stop the driver if I would like to take a photo along the road?

  • Bradley Hall

    Ban Doc or Ban Gioc Waterfalls?
    You mention Ban Doc waterfalls. Are they also called Ban Gioc waterfalls? The same waterfalls? I would be interested in Ban Gioc Waterfalls.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      It is Ban Gioc waterfall. Sometimes the local people call Ban Doc by misspell. This is the same, my dear

  • Harley Harvey

    Is the meal included in tour program?
    What would this tour cost including meals? Just to know which would be the better deal for us.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Please find the revised price in the file. I am delighted to send to you.

  • Brandon Harrison

    Are Ha Giang tours worth for a week?
    Do you think it would be better just to focus on Ha Giang for a week or actually the 2nd version can be easily done and it is well worth to go for the 2nd version? Of course if we can get a better picture of the North, from the west to the east that would be great. Yet I would not want to go for that in case it affects the quality of the trip.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      I really advise you to take the second version package. The trip well merge all outstanding mountainous landscapes & you will have more many chances to touch the new, strangle, wild sites than be stick in Ha Giang.
      One thing you should focus, the beginning of October Ha Giang & other places on the west east north of Viet Nam will be less attracted than the September. If possible, you should take the trip within this month. The nice flower ( Tam Giac Mach – the symbol of Ha Giang) always blooms fully on September & Sapa is often covered the yellow rice paddy terraces. Both of them will make your photos brighter.

  • Louie Chamberlain

    Can I pay the tour in cash?
    Last but not least. I do have US$ in cash which I want to use up. Can I pay the trip in cash? We would arrive in Hanoi two or three days earlier before the tour starts so I could pay you then in advance. I look like it would be very beginning of October. So still quite a few months away.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Please don’t push me a difficult case. All services only proceed if all customer confirm by paying the deposit. The deposit will help both of us to secure the services. As you know the guide for the mountainous tour needs to book the experienced & mature one for riding your trip smoothly. We can’t keep him if there is no guarantee from you.
      I think that I have a better idea, you will pay the deposit with 30% of total tour. The balance will be flexible to pay in cash in Hanoi.

  • Joao Ribeiro Martins

    7 days for northeast tour and Halong overnight cruise?
    Can I be enough time to visit Northeast tour and Ha Long Bay overnight cruise with 7 days?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      No, you cannot. I am afraid that you are not enough time to cover these places within 7 days. You should have at least 8 – 9 days. Within 7 days, you should visit Ha Long Bay day trip instead of overnight cruise.

  • Ryan Cardoso Melo

    For adventure tours, will we overnight home stay or at hotel?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      With a adventure tour, you often visit village or trekking, therefore, home stay at local house is normal.

  • Amelie Loewenthal

    Homestay for adventure tours in Vietnam?
    Is there any homestay in Mai Chau? I’d like to spend one night in the house-on-stilt if it’s available.

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, homestay in Mai Chau is one of the most interesting homestay in the north of Vietnam. With Viet Vision Travel, we arrange homestay at Pom Coong Village, less touristy than Lac village offered by other tour operators. You will spend the night in a house-on-stilt in a local Thai family with separate mosquito net, mattress, blanket and pillow.

  • Kayla Hindwood

    Best time for mouatin biking in Vietnam adventure trips?
    We like your Vietnam adventure tours, what is the best time for mountain biking in the Northwest?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      The best time for Vietnam adventure tours with mountain biking is from October to May next year as the temperature is reasonable and the rainfall is very low, especially October and November are harvesting time in the Northwest and the scenery is just spectacular.

  • Koby Wayn

    How far is it from Hanoi to Ha Giang province?

  • Riley Philp

    What is the best place to see in Vietnam adventure holiday?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Most of destinations in our tour program are chosen carefully by our experts. Here are some wonderful places for adventure trips in Vietnam: Hanoi, Mai Chau, Ha Giang, Ba Be, Kho Van, Meo Vac, Pu Luong…

  • Olli Lindberg

    Is international air ticket included in 4 Day Ha Giang – Rocky Plateau Tours?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      We are sorry, but the international flight tickets are not included in 4 Day Ha Giang – Rocky Plateau Tours.

  • Tove Pelkonen

    Is it possible to have 5 Day Mai Chau – Pu Luong Discovery Tour with you?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Sure, the tour 5 Day Mai Chau – Pu Luong Discovery Tour is available, please fill in tour inquiry form to make request.

  • Maria Asplund

    Vietnam adventure tour 2015?
    Hi there, we plan to visit Vietnam next year, but we like northern Vietnam the most. Can you arrange the tour for our adventure trip?

    • Angela - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, we can. Please leave us more information about your travel date as well as number of participants so that we can arrange or customize tours for your adventure trip in Vietnam next year.

  • Stephanie Moench

    Can you please let me know the prices of your adventure tours?
    There will be 4-6 people (3 couples), travelling to Vietnam next May-June 2015. We are all turning 30 years old and want an exciting active holiday in Vietnam together. We would like to know how much your active tours are to make up part of our trip and then we would probably spend 4days relaxing on the beaches at the end of our trip.

  • Karolin Schreiber

    Is there any adventure tour in Vietnam which I can cover all highlights in northeast Vietnam?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      We recommend 9 Day Adventure North – East Vietnam Tour. It is a Vietnam active tour with great combine of the most highlights in northeast Vietnam such as Ha Long Bay, Cao Bang, Ba Be Lake, Ban Gioc waterfall, the border town of Lang Son.

  • Frank Bergmann

    Can we book 4 Day Ha Giang – Rocky Plateau Tours?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      Of course, we have dropped you reservation form for your adventure tours in Vietnam, please check and fill your personal information in empty blank.

  • Max Sommer

    Vietnam adventure tours for 8 pax?
    Is 5 Day Mai Chau – Pu Luong Discovery Tour available? We have 8 persons, is it possible to take adventure tours packages with lower price when travel with a big group?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, we are available 5 Day Mai Chau – Pu Luong Discovery Tour, correct that the more people in your group the lower price you will get for your tours. We have dropped you the itinerary and cost for your adventure tour in Vietnam, please check.

  • Stefanie Koertig

    Any recommendation for 9 day active tours in Vietnam?
    We will arrive in Vietnam on 12th October, and we are looking for 9 days adventure trip for our vacation in Vietnam. What will you recommend us?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      We recommend 9 Day Adventure North – East Vietnam Tour with itinerary for most highlights in northern Vietnam such as Hanoi – Ba Be Lake – Cao Bang – Lang Son – Halong Bay. Please check, we have dropped you more tour packages for your trip in Vietnam.

  • Claudia Osterhagen

    Is Vietnam adventure tours suitable with a group of 50s years-old men?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, Vietnam topography is not too hard for adventure trips. It is entire possible for you and your group to have a great adventure trip in Vietnam.

  • Jake Bibi

    Where can I visit for an adventure tour in Vietnam?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      With adventure tour, you can visit Northeast area, included Ba Be lake, Ban Gioc waterfall for home stay and trekking.

  • Jordan Barber

    How far is it from Hanoi to Ba Be lake and how long to transfer?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      It takes about 7 hours to transfer from Hanoi to Ba Be lake and we will have a rest with lunch on the road.

  • Louis Elliott

    How long does it take to transfer from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc waterfall?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      It takes a 3 hour drive from Cao Bang to Ban Gioc waterfall where is a natural border between Vietnam and China.

  • Josh Holt

    Can you name some hot picked destinations in northern Vietnam which are popular for adventure tours?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      Hanoi, Mai Chau, Ba Be Lake, Halong Bay, Cao Bang, Ha Giang… are great for adventure trips in northern Vietnam. Most adventure tours in northern Vietnam include these places, but in case you want more challenges from you adventure you can customized tours for your trip in Vietnam.

  • Poppy Nicholson

    What itinerary will you recommend for 4 days adventure trip in northern Vietnam?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      You may interested in our 4 days itineraries for active tours in Vietnam: Hanoi, Mai Chau, Hang Kia, Kho Muong, Ban Hin, Ban Trinh, Pho Doan, Hanoi or Hanoi – Ha Giang – Quan Ba – Dong Van – Meo Vac – Ma Pi Leng pass – Ha Giang – Ba Be Lake – Hanoi. We have dropped you tour packages for your 4 days adventure trip in Vietnam.

  • Harvey Whitehead

    Will you pick me up from hotel in each adventure?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, pick up is included in our tour packages. Our driver will pick you up at the hotel you stay to start the adventure trip.

  • Scott Barnett

    What activities can we do in adventure trips in Vietnam?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      There are many activities for your choice to do for your adventure trips in Vietnam such as hiking, trekking, cycling, walking or rambling around… Your trips are organized by our experts with activities, fun and safety in mind.

  • David Fitzgerald

    Could we customize tours for adventure trips in Vietnam?

    • Tracey - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, you can customize tours for your adventures in Vietnam. Please fill in reservation form we have sent you and sent us back via email.

  • Beatrice

    When we pass Dong Van and Meo Vac, will we pass via Ma Pi Leng Pass? We heard, that was a beautiful spot, so we would love to have this included in our trip, if possible.

    • Tracey

      yes, from Dong Van to Meo Vac, you will pass the amazing Ma Pi Leng Pass, it’s one of the most 4 stunning passes in Vietnam. The scenery is spectacular with mountain, forest and surround by a river in the foot of the mountain. For sure you will have a great chance for photo shot in this pass.

  • We’re concern on the basic accommodation in Ha Giang and Meo Vac, which is the best hotels there?

    • Stephen

      The best hotels available in this remote area is: Truong Xuan Resort in Ha Giang and Hoa Cuong Hotel in Meo Vac. They’re our frequent-used hotels for our clients, the room and its facilities are good compare to all others. However, please do not expect for 4* or 5* International hotels in the area as they’re all local standard.

  • Can I take a 4-seater car instead of a 7-seater, I want to bring the cost down?

    • Stephen

      Sorry but the 4-seater car is not suitable for mountainous trip as we will have many sharp curves and high pass on the way which is not suitable for 4-seater car. For all trips in the mountainous area, we will use 7-seater car or 4WD as it’s more feasible and safer. I will also try to offer the best price as we can.

  • What time to start and finish a tour in Hanoi?

    • Tracey

      This is your private tour, it is flexible to start a tour but will be at 8h00 or 8h30 AM as usual. Our local guide will pick up you at hotel in Hanoi
      The time to get back Hanoi is little late, after the boating in Ba Be Lake, we will return to Hanoi and arrive in Hanoi at around 7.30 PM.

  • Will there be any rice planted in the terraces at that time of year? And how will be the weather in March?

    • Tracey

      Actually Ha Giang is more of a corn growing area (terraced corn) than rice. There is rice grown in a few of the districts in Ha Giang, but it’s in flatter area. The spectacular views are in the corn growing area. If you really want rice, go to Lao Cai/Sapa. May is good for lush green everywhere in northern Vietnam where there are rice terraces, Sapa and Ha Giang in particular. As for your case, Greening up nicely by the end of March.

  • Prakash

    Also, how do we get the required permits from the area around Ha Giang?

    • Tracey

      A the permission letter will be arranged by our guide on arrival, no worry for this, we just need your personal information like full names, date of birth, nationality, passport number and expiry date, the rest will be taken care by our guide. The fee for this is already included in the quotation.

  • Carola Brown

    Who will be our tour guide?

    • Tracey

      As soon as you confirm to book the trip with us, I will handpick our very good guide that specialize in outdoor activities for you with excellent health, experienced in hiking, trekking and other skills related to the adventure activities. They’re all mature, acknowledgeable, humorous and all are licensed by Vietnam Tourism Administration of Tourism.


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