Culinary Odyssey to Vietnam – 15 Days

Being the experienced travel consultant of Viet Vision Travel & a young mother with the huge passions of cooking to have the various good food to the beloved family. We deeply prefer to research the culinary in our whole country in many years, we well understand the own culinary of each region. In general each has the outstanding culinary & the regional cuisine is flavorful, colorful and extremely healthy. You can find the food in the north which tends to be milder and lighter than that found in the rest of Vietnam but it is spicy and well-seasoned & heavily influenced by the imperial court cuisine of Hue in the centre. Combination of 3 above regions, Southern cuisine is the most varied of the three. Rich in vegetables, rice and seafood, it has incorporated French, Cambodian and Thai influences into a style that is distinctively its own. It is generally more heavily seasoned, tropical and spicier yet sweeter than northern food.
Contact & travel the trip with us who the West meets Asia, which the two come together for a cuisine in a perfect balance of tastes and textures.