Bac Ha Market is located in the centre of Bac Ha town, about 60km from Lao Cai City. It is open from every Sunday morning to about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. Bac Ha is considered the biggest as well as the most famous market of Northwest area where people from here and there gather to trade and barter their products. However, it’s even more well-known for its original and ancient form of market that not many ethnic markets can keep. Although the soil road of the market has been replaced by a concrete one in order for it to be more convenient for customers, the trade remains many traditional features.

Bac Ha Market - Sapa

Bac Ha Market – Sapa

What to buy
Coming here, tourist can find anything required to make a living of ethnic people, ranging from agricultural tools such as hoes, shovels; colorful brocade fabric goods made of local residents namely bags, clothes, purses, scarves to animals like buffalos and horses. Each of these kinds of products is divided into several smaller markets so that customers can purchase their wanted products easier.

What to eat
Not only do the products here be worth-buying, but the food here is also worth-trying as well. Talking about food in Bac Ha Market, you can never miss “thang co” – a special food originated from Bac Ha. “Thang co” is made of horses’ meat and viscera, adding some spices and herbs, cooked in a large wok. This dish is one of the most favourited specialties of tourists visiting Bac Ha. Similarly, five-color sticky rice, “mem men” and “banh duc” made of corn are some outstanding dishes that you are only considered being here once you try those food.

Hmong women selling and exchange the products

Hmong women selling and exchange the products

What can be seen
On the way to Bac Ha Market, it’s normal that visitors catch local people bringing something and flocking to the market. What is interesting is that, inside every of their shoulder baskets, there is always their newest and most beautiful clothes. Not until being near the market do they wear those stunning clothes and then silver jewelry and make up. According to local perspectives, going to the market means hanging out because market is not only a place for trading and bartering, but it’s also a place for people to gather, to communicate and to remain their ancient traditions.

It can be said that Bac Ha is one of the most featured markets in Sa Pa where the community life of the ethnic groups in high land Northwest and the unique traditional and cultural values are remained. That’s why Bac Ha is always attractive to tourists here and there. And it makes sense when Bac Ha is voted as one of the top 10 most allured markets of Asia.