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Things to do with Cambodia Adventure Tours

Siem Reap - Angkor Wat Complex

As the most attractive destination of the country, no Cambodia adventure tour and excursion can exclude a visit to the Angkor Wat Temple Complex.

Angkor Wat

The temple can be seen as the biggest pyramid in Asia landing on nearly 200 hectares. Angkor Wat is the masterpiece which shows the skill of Khmer in using sandstone to be the main material to build a durable structure. This temple also reflects the Khmer culture through several images revealed the daily life and people’s beliefs carved on the bas-reliefs scattered around the place.

Bayon Temple

This religious site is famous for its 54 towers and an ocean of over 200 faces of Avalokiteshvara carved into the stone which looks in every direction. Due to be built by the King Jayavarman VII, the faces are considered as a portrait combined of him and Buddha with the gentle smile. The theory is more strengthened by the location of Bayon Temple is in the center of old capital Angkor Thom which showing the important position of this temple in the heart of King Jayavarman VII. Moreover, the design is spectacular dividing into 3 levels, the first and second are rectangular while the third has the shape of circular.

Ta Prohm

Deep inside the jungle is the Ta Prohm looked mysterious with trees growing out of the ruins making a shooting film from India Jones the movie. Explore this sacred but photogenic site, get a glimpse of ancient Khmer culture, and remind about the great power of nature. While Bayon Temple is built following the image of the King Jayavarman VII, Ta Prohm is dedicated to his mother. In the past, the temple is a warehouse containing gold, pearls and valuable silks until the fall of Khmer empire. After a long time being swallowed by the jungle, Ta Prohm now is maintained by local people, especially Khmers living in the villages surrounding.

Angkor Thom

The last capital in the period Khmer ruling the country, Angkor Thom is the second home built for King Jayavarman VII. Surrounded by a massive moat and an eight-meter-high wall, Angkor Thom is nearly inviolable with almost all enemies. Same with Bayon Temple, each gate here includes a tower with the top carved four huge faces looking in different directions. Take a visit to the causeway lined up by 108 statues – half are gods and half are demons – revealed the Hindu legend of ‘The Churning of the Ocean of Milk’.

Banteay Srei

Different from other religious sites in the Angkor complex, Banteay Srei is not a royal temple, but a Citadel of the Women. Was primarily dedicated to the Hindu God Siva, the citadel is famous for the decoration of floral patterns and women images carved into grained rose-pink sandstone walls. Once again, Khmers showed their skill in transforming raw material such as stone into beautiful masterpieces.

Phnom Penh

As being the capital of the country, Phnom Penh has many popular places to worth your Cambodia tours

Royal Palace

Formerly home to the Royal family, people come here to admire the gild roofs designed following the classic Khmer architecture. Laying nearby the river, the Royal Palace is infected a bit Bangkok culture revealed in the gild roofs with long tails like fingers point up to the sky. The Throne Hall is the most attractive spot in this palace with the 59-meter-high top which you can find the same design in Bayon Temple of Angkor Temple Complex. Although being dramatically destroyed by the Khmer Rouge, the hall now still maintains several valuable items and artifacts. Due to the religious atmosphere here, pants longer than knee and shirts cover shoulder is recommended.

Toul Sleng

Almost all Cambodia Tours and Cruises includes a visit to Toul Sleng Genocide Museum. Formerly a high school, then turned into a prison under the governance of Khmer Rouge, Toul Sleng was the biggest torture center in the country where more than 17,000 people included men, women, and even children were tortured and killed. The museum is covered by a glooming atmosphere with dozens of rooms exhibiting horror photographs showing images of people before and after the cruel torture. The year that taking the pictures were cruelly carved into the prisoner’s chests in the form of number boards. Nearby, the Cheoung Ek killing field is the place that Khmer Rouge genocides thousands of people, you can learn about the horror story that unfolded years ago. The Memorial Stupa provides an exhibition of more than 8000 skulls behind the glass panels. A visit to Toul Sleng is a bit depressed with the empty school building, sacred playing field next to rusted beds and torture instruments.

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The biggest rescue center in the country provides opportunities to admire several endangered and indigenous animal species. Be saved from private zoos, markets, streets, and hunters, the animals are returned to wildlife under the protection of enthusiasm staff here with abundant food and security. Be home to more than 100 species, the center is a huge ecosystem. Any step you take can lead to a meeting with different strange animals, especially Chouk the three-legs elephant. Listen to the voice of colorful birds and parrots flying above your head. Swimming is not recommended due to the sudden appearance of crocodiles and water birds such as herons, pelicans, and storks.

Kep – Krong Kep

Instead of bustling life and crowd city, Kep provides a place to rolling deep into nature. This sleepy town is full of seafood and white-sand beaches that suited every family vacation and holiday.

Kep National Park

Kep is a seaside town, but it doesn’t mean that visitors who come here have to eat seafood, lie on the beach, and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. There is another great choice for your Cambodia adventure tour, a visit to Kep National Park. Hit the trails for a strange experience immersed in the lush green jungle surrounded, take a deep breath enjoying the fresh air that you can feel in nowhere else around the world.

Koh Tonsay Island

Too bored with the normal sparkling white sand beach that you can see in any seaside city, Koh Tonsay Island is the heaven for you who want to find a new experience and image of the beach. The beach in Koh Tonsay is full of flotsam and animals such as chickens and wandering cows. Don’t think that is a complicated sight, even be a wasteland, the Koh Tonsay is more likely a natural center with the ecological diversity. Enjoy the beautiful scenery provided by lines of coconuts trees and scattered small boats floating on the turquoise swallow water.

Guide for Cambodia Adventure Tours

Cambodia – the land of religious sites and classic Khmer culture – now become a dream destination for many visitors who want to explore the pristine land. To get a perfect experience, Viet Vision Travel provides some important tips below for a better Cambodia Adventure Tour. Clothes If your tour included a visit to several temples and religious sites, pants longer than knee and shirts cover shoulder are recommended. When hopping on a tour to natural center, comfortable and thick clothes are suited for walking through the jungle. You also may need pads for the knees and elbows preparing for crawling in tight spaces. Then, a clean set of clothes is also needed before you go home.

Necessary tools

Due to the visit several destinations, you will need some necessary tools. The basic tools recommended are lights, gloves, medicine, hat, compass and a recover kit to contain all of these items. There also some notes. You don’t have to bring the high-power lights, just use the kind enough to explore the jungle. Gloves will need for climbing the rock and small hill, so they do not need to be the manipulate kind. Some medicine you may use such as bandage and insecticide in case of small rubbed, and if you are not familiar with Asia cuisine, digestive ferment is really useful. Visit several places under the tropical sunshine can make you catch a fever without a hat. The jungle can be a maze for those who are not used to walking in, the compass is for you in that case. Finally, you can find it difficult for carrying all of these things or even bringing a huge backpack. We would like to recommend a magical recover kit which you can pack all in one and easy to carry out. About water and food, a Cambodia Adventure Tours will make you thirsty due to a day of activities. Bringing water along is recommended. Besides, fruits, snacks and a pack of cookies are also needed in case you are hungry or want to recharge energy.