Top 10 Activities in Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City

Known as the center of tourism in the South Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam. You trip will not be completed if you have not experienced one of ten most interesting activities  in Ho Chi Minh City. Top ten activities in Ho Chi Minh city will give you useful information that you need to not be missed any wonderful experiences in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. Dinner on Bonsai Cruise on Saigon cruise

Sai Gon is known as a dynamic city especially the night with majestic views of Saigon River. Enjoy a delectable dinner on Saigon River Cruise will be a stunning experience, the excellent way to cover the activities and daily life of local people as well as enjoy dazzling city lights from our Saigon cruise.
During two hours cruise trip on traditional junk cruise, we have a good chance to taste both variety of Vietnam foods and European foods as well as enjoy delicious dinner while cruising along Saigon River. We also learn about Vietnam’s cuisine from plenty specialties under the conduction of friendly local Chef.
Moreover, we also enjoy picturesque city views and relax on the deck, continue to admire both modern and traditional dance performances. Two hours dinner cruise on the Saigon River will be unforgettable time in Saigon.

Bonsai Dinner Cruise

Bonsai Dinner Cruise

2. Ho Chi Minh cyclo tour

Experience Ho Chi Minh City by different ways, you will explore vibrant city by riding cyclo along hustle and bustle Ho Chi Minh City as well as visit the city’s highlights. You also will have a new taste for daily life of local people, the colorful streets, numerous markets with variety of things to buy and ancient temples. Cyclos will take you along colorful streets and stop at the vendors to take some pictures or taste new foods.
For more convenient, you can also take part in a cyclo tour. They will arrange a package tour for you to cycling around Ho Chi Minh and visit some must-see sites including the magnificent building of Notre Dame Cathedral, the unique General Post Office as known the oldest and busiest post office in Saigon, which combine between Renaissance and Gothic architectures of French, the other destinations are Independent Palace and War Remnants Museum.
You should not miss a ride through Ben Thanh Market to see the colorful market with full choices of shopping. Ho Chi Minh Cyclo tour will stir your sense of dynamic Ho Chi Minh City while you ride along bustling streets and see local life as well as visit almost famous destinations in Ho Chi Minh. This activity will be a real and unique experience about Saigon – the bigest city of Vietnam.

Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City Cyclo Tours

Saigon – Ho Chi Minh City Cyclo Tours

3. Riding Vespa around Saigon Street

This is a perfects way to explore Saigon at night while you ride Vespa along the winding streets to see the simplest thing and daily activities of the local and stop at a Café shop, a street vendor or restaurants to enjoy the tasty food as well as soak up in the Saigon’s nightlife. You will have chance to experience the daily life of the local, ride the old Vespa scooter and wander around the winding streets in daytime or nighttime. Both will offer unique experiences.
The night is time for hanging out, relaxing, walking and enjoy delicious street food as well as meeting friendly friends, it is really a fantastic way to discover the most dynamic city in Vietnam.

Visitors on Vespa before Ho Chi Minh City tour

Visitors on Vespa before Ho Chi Minh City tour

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4. Joining Hands-on Cooking class
If you have passion with cuisine, prefer cooking or like to explore new cuisine, Vietnam is a idea destination to have it all in one and join a cooking class will give you a chance to do all. With cooking class, you will demonstrate clearly how to cook authentic Vietnam foods from preparing Vietnamese  ingredients to cooking Vietnamese dishes.
For arrange ingredient, you will go to Saigon local market such as Ben Thanh or Tan Binh to learn about Ho Chi Minh market to coin variety of Vietnam ingredients such as much kind of vegetables, meals, seafood and herbs, which play very important role in Vietnam cuisine. You also buy and choose ingredients as a Vietnamese woman do in daily life.
For cooking class, you will learn how to cook authentic Vietnam dishes under construction of the chef while discover Vietnam cuisine.

Join hand on Vietnamese Cooking Class in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City

Join hands-on Vietnamese Cooking Class in Ho Chi Minh City

5. Seeing Saigon by night on Sky Bar on Bitexco Tower
Chill Sky Bar situated on the Bitexco Tower, which is known as one of the highest towers in Saigon, one of the world’s 20 most iconic skyscrapers. From Chill Sky Bar, you have a good chance to admire the beauty of Saigon at ideal height while you enjoy fine dinner with lovers and lovely drink. Enjoy the panorama of Ho Chi Minh City from highest tower is one of  must when traveling in Ho Chi Minh City.

Chill Sky Bar

City view from Chill Sky Bar

6. Tasting local street food
Ho Chi Minh City is known as a Vietnam’s paradise of street food with plenty of specialties and street foods. It is easy to find  stop to enjoy street food even late at night. There are some dishes we should not be missed in Saigon such as “banh my”, noodle soup, seafood, rice paper rolls, café.
“Banh my” called as baguette sandwich served with fired meat, cucumber, vegetable, herbs, hot peppers, Vietnamese boiled sausage and other special ingredients.
Noodle soups include the variety of choices such as “pho”, “bun reu”, “hu tieu”…
Seafood is a popular choice in Saigon, it is easy to order a dish of  sea snails or other tasty seafood at any restaurants.

Foreign tourists drink beer and eat street food in the 'Westerners' Town' in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Foreign tourists drink beer and eat street food in the ‘Westerners’ Town’, Ho Chi Minh City.

7. Shopping at Ben Thanh market
Located in 1 District in Chi Minh central and surrounding by the hustle and bustle streets, Ben Thanh Market is the biggest and one of the most famous landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City.
Enter colorful market, you can find everything from foods such as dried fruit, meats, vegetables, herbs, sweets, seafood to clothes, jewelries. No doubt! Ben Thanh market is really a wonderful place to hunt for amazing souvenirs.

Travelers shopping in Ben Thanh market

Travelers shopping in Ben Thanh market

8. Wander in Dong Khoi street
Dong Khoi street is one of the most famous streets in Ho Chi Minh city, which called by many names such as Rue Catinat( 1865) by French, Tu Do street as know liberty street in 1955 and finally Dong Khoi Street after the war, which means “total uprising”.

Spent a short time to wander along Dong Khoi street, the important street of past and now, you have a good chance to relax, hear familiar sound of noise street, explore daily life of the local as well as stop at a corner and explore mysterious stores of Saigon.

A corner of bustling Dong Khoi Street, Saigon

A corner of bustling Dong Khoi Street, Saigon

9. Enjoy Saigon Coffee (Café Sua Da)
Saigon is a famous destination for coffee with plenty of choice especially Café “Sua Da”(Iced Vietnamese coffee condensed milk) . Wandering along crowded street, narrow alleys and find a café space at any corners to enjoy a cup of iced coffee before continue walking around hustle street.

Roaming around the hustling streets, you can find some fantastic spaces for coffee with a unique style of architecture as well as flavors of coffee.

A Wonderful space for coffee in Ho Chi Minh City

A Wonderful space for coffee in Ho Chi Minh City

10. Explore Ho Chi Minh City by night
Ho Chi Minh City is the right place for you who really fall in love with the nightlife. Enjoy the fresh beer call “bia hoi” in a vibrant street as well as tasty Vietnamese dishes in restaurants and listening to the traditional Vietnamese music will bring you a memorable trip in Ho Chi Minh City. Each place has its own tastes, that will touch your sense and give you the chance to discover the graceful Saigon at night.

Panorama of Ho Chi Minh City at night

Panorama of Ho Chi Minh City at night

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