How to Get to Cu Chi Tunnels & Shooting Tips

How to get to Cu Chi Tunnels

  • Distance from Ho Chi Minh city center to Cu Chi: 70 km northwest of Ho Chi Minh city
  • The way to get Cu Chi tunnels can be by car, bus or motorbikes. If you travel by public bus, you should catch bus 13, bus 74, and bus 94…. then takes bus 79 to Ben Duoc temple. If you travel by private car, the driver will pick you up at the hotel in Saigon.
  • There is another way to Cu Chi Tunnels is by canoe along Saigon River, departure pier is Bach Dang in center Saigon.

    Cu Chi Tunnels

    Cu Chi Tunnels

Shooting Tips In Cu Chi Tunnels

  • After visiting Cu Chi tunnels, visitors can experience shooting with the real guns. There will be guideline before shooting and tour guide will help them during visitors try it.
  • There are many kinds of guns for tourists who want to try, such as AK-47, M16,30 Caliber Machine Gun, M60, M1 carbine, M1 Garand and Russian SKS
  • Cost for 1 bullet: 40,000 VND ~ US$2 for a M16 bullet, 30,000 VND ~ US$1.5 for an AK or a Cabin bullet, Colt 45, K59 &Rulo are 23,000 VND ~ US$1.2 per shoot and K54 is 20,000 VND ~ US$1 per shoot.
  • Normally, visitors spend US$10 for 1 time to experience the whole this interesting activity in Cu Chi Tunnels.


Shooting gun in Cu Chi Tunnels

Shooting with real guns in Cu Chi Tunnels

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