Ben Duoc Temple & Tunnels

Ben Duoc temple is a memorial temple of Viet Minh and National Liberation Front of South Vietnam Heroes during the Indochina war and Vietnam War. It was built in 1993 and started welcome visitors in the end of the same year.

Ben Duoc Memorial Temple

Ben Duoc Memorial Temple

Ben Duoc temple is divided into 6 parts including three-arched-entrances gate, memorial stele house, main temple, tower, garden and basement.

  • The Three-Arched-Entrances gate is designed as a commune house of old Viet people, where to memorize solders, people who joined the army and sacrificed during two wars, French war and American war.
  • The Memorial Stele house is a place to put a stone stele where stored a story about Vietnamese people with their heroic, man-kind and sacrifice…
  • The Main temple is a place where President Ho Chi Minh’s statue is put in the middle and all names of sacrificed solders, people are appeared along two sides of the temple.
  • Tower has 9 floors, 39 meter height. From top of the tower, visitor can see a part of Cu Chi Tunnel panorama view.
  • Garden is a place to put many bonsais given by government offices and artist in all Vietnam. This is very special place because the garden was built in the bombed and exhausted land.
  • Basement with 9 separately rooms with heroic Saigon Cho Lon theme. There is a history topic at each room such as:

Room 1: French invasion, to be self-sacrificing for the sake of Vietnam country
Room 2: General rise in arms in August 1945 at Saigon Cho Lon Gia Dinh
Room 3: Starting fighting against French invasion
Room 4: The climax of the three- pronged war against the US in Cho Lon, Saigon Gia Dinh
Room 5: Guerrilla warfare by the people suburban land of steel Cu Chi
Room 6: Vietnamese army and people went down the road, rebel offensive during Mau Than New Year (according to lunar calendar)
Room 7: Cholon Saigon Gia Dinh Military People contributed to the victory of Ho Chi Minh campaign spring 1975
Room 8: Living torches by body fire
Room 9: Southern goes ahead but finishes later. Because of the desire for peace, unity, independence and freedom.

The main hall of Ben Duoc Temple

The main hall of Ben Duoc Temple

Located in the system Cu Chi Tunnels, Ben Duoc Tunnels is the base of Zone Committee and Military Command area of Saigon – Gia Dinh. This is a unique architecture system. The tunnels were constructed deep underground with levels, stories and corners as spider webs on the 200 km long with dining chambers, sleeping chambers, meeting and fighting posts… The tunnel system show strong wills, intelligence, pride of the people of Cu Chi, is a symbol of heroism ethnic Revolution Vietnam.

In addition, when visit Ben Duoc Tunnels, you can also buy some souvenir and enjoy the local specialties.

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