Enjoy “Chao”, Vietnamese Traditional Rice Soup

Chao – Rice Soup
Rice soup is a popular dish familiar with each Vietnamese person. Perhaps no one, from the moment of being born until they are mature, has ever eaten rice soup. Rice noodle is familiar with Vietnamese people; present in all regions of the country; plentiful in categories; varied in the way of processing. Rice noodle is also easy to eat food and can be processed into many different kinds depending on the taste of each person. Some people like eating oyster rice soup, some people like the gentle taste without mixing like the hot spicy taste of Nghe region’s well-known eel rice soup…


Rice soup is a popular dish familiar with each Vietnamese person.

Chao Vit Van Dinh – Van Dinh Duck Rice Noodle
Van Dinh duck rice noodle is a popular dish of the countryside of Ung Hoa, Hanoi. Van Dinh duck rice noodle in the old days only appeared as per seasons, but now duck rice noodle is avail-able all year round … However, if one wants to sense all the deliciousness of the dish through the senses, he has to find his way to Van Dinh in the afternoon. Gourmet people will start by sipping several small glasses of alcohol with yellow fragranced, fatty buttery dish of duck, then they will enjoy a little of rice noodle to warm the stomach and the heart. Nothing is more wonderful when on the long tiring trip; we together with our closed friends stop here, enjoying the bowl of rice soup which is still full of hot steam in the late afternoon of the country.

Chao Ga – Chicken Rice Soup

Chao Ga

Chao Ga – Chicken Rice Soup

Hanoi is famous with delicious and very simple dishes. The Hanoi People according to which also have a popular gastronomy hobby. Chicken soup is one of those gastronomy hobbies of the Hanoi People. And whenever mentioning Hanoi rice soup, gourmet people think immediately of the street vending chicken rice soup. Although being a popular snack food; both luxurious and popular, but to have a delicious bowl of chicken rice soup, not everyone can cook it.
In order to have a delicious pot of chicken rice soup, the chef has to keep the rice soup pot al-ways fresh. The rice soup is eaten when it is hot, once it cools, it will be discarded, never been warmed up again.
Chicken rice soup is eaten with finger-shape soufflé batter. The soufflé batter will absorb the fat sauce of chicken bones, the buttery taste of chicken flesh… and although trying once, you will remember forever the sweet taste of the flesh, the nutty flavor of vegetables, and the crispiness of soufflé batter.
That is why many people when going away from Hanoi, once return, they will find their way to chicken rice soup to find again for them a little old Hanoi.

Chao Trai Ha Thanh – Hanoi Capital Oyster Rice Soup

Chao Trai Ha Thanh

Oyster Rice Soup.

Oyster rice soup has become a familiar and favorite dish of the Hanoian, especially suitable for late meals. In warm, stuffy summer days, enjoying a bowl of oyster rice soup buttery fragranced with onion taste, sharp hot taste of flagrant knotweed mixed with the sweetness of boiled oyster broth to ease the tiredness of a bustle working day.
The rice to cook oyster rice soup should combine ordinary rice and sticky rice. Once the rice soup has been scooped into the bowl, the stir-fried meat is put onto the surface with onion, flagrant knotweed, pepper and chili powder.
When eating, ordering extra a dish of yellow, crispy, buttery fragranced finger-shape soufflé batter, eating and blowing is the way gourmet people enjoy oyster rice soup. The oyster rice soup is so simple but it is loved in-side the hearts of so many customers in Hanoi Capital. Oyster rice soup in Hanoi is sold in many places, but the oyster rice soup restaurant in Tran Xuan Soan has a strong, sweet, nutty flavor, fat and buttery taste.

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