Vietnamese Language and Script

Vietnam has 54 ethnic groups, each ethnic group has its own language, some ethnic groups have their own script. The spoken and writen language is getting richer and richer in terms of vocabulary as well as become more accurate to strength of expression and inspiration.

Vietnam use Chinese script to create Nom script.

Vietnam used Chinese script to create Nom script.

Among ethnic groups in Vietnam, spoken and written languages of Vietnamese people are the most widely used and become common and official language throughout Vietnam.

In terms of the script, in a long time ago under Chinese domination, Vietnam uses Chinese script (from China) in trade and education as well as in the text of the feudal state. The use of Chinese characters also extends to the early 20th century. Until 10th century, along with the use of Chinese characters, Vietnam created Nom script (ancient Vietnamese script) (using the hieroglyphic chinese script to make Vietnamese notation). The appearance of the Nom script (probably) marked the growth in the national consciousness of the Vietnamese people and help Vietnam literature flourished. By the 16th century, National language appears then replaced both Han and Nom.

Vietnamese alphabet and pronunciation.

Vietnamese alphabet and pronunciation.

Since Chinese script, the Nom script and National language after that, folk literature is the enzyme that has been creating real scholarly literature of nationalism and development of Vietnam literature today. That open a new way to growth of folk and modern literature of Vietnam.