Tag: Vietnam Highlights

Exploring Phu Quoc Pearl Island

The same size as Singapore, the island of Phu Quoc lies off the west coast of Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. At times claimed by Cambodia and Thailand, the island is now like an armed fortress of the Vietnamese navy, and 80%…

Highlights in Can Tho Province, Vietnam

With a population of over two million, CanTho is the largest city on the Mekong Delta and the fifth-largest city in Vietnam, just behind Danang. Set at a confluence of two smaller Mekong tributaries (the Hao Giang and the Can…

Hoan Kiem Lake at Glance

A fascinating picture of Hoan Kiem Lake made from colors of green Spring, red Summer, yellow Autumn, silver Winter.  Extra reading about guide in Vietnam or Hanoi tours here.

The pearls on the salt fields in Ben Tre province, Vietnam

Under brilliant sunshine, the beautiful little grains of salt on fields in Ba Tri district, look like sparkling pearls crystallizing from seawater. You may also like some more information provide by us at: Vietnam guide or tours in Vietnam.

Admire Natural Masterpiece of Limestone Islands in Halong Bay

Take boat trip inside the World Natural Heritage Halong Bay, tourists will freely imagine and fly with hundreds of limestone islands and islets with exotic shapes. You may also like some more information provide by us at: Vietnam Guide or Halong…

Exploring Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The museums and attractions of Ho Chi Minh City are mostly in the downtown areas of districts 1 and 3. And although the museums are interesting, the bustling city itself is the major attraction here. Attractions In District 1 Ben…

Photos Albums of Northwest Vietnam in Flooding Season

On the occasion of June, when the summer rains cooling the northwestern mountains is the time for beginning of a new season. It is also time for terraces fields in Yen Bai become exotic. For more informations and tours in Vietnam,…

Mysterious Hoi An Ancient Town of Vietnam at Night

The whole town of Hoi An is an attraction, its narrow radiant streets comprised of lovely historic buildings buzzing with open-air craft shops, eye-cathching lantern and friendly people.