Photos of the Coastal Life in Central Vietnam

Over the the ups and downs of history, along the central coast and island, forming the pristine reefs looks like the natural marvelous picture .


New day in “Thach magic pipe” rock shore, one of the hexagonal rocks in the coastal village Tinh Ky, Quang Ngai City, Vietnam


” Ghenh Da Dia ” Also known as the rocky shore in An Ninh commune, Tuy An district (Phu Yen), the natural landscapes of unique geology in Vietnam.


Children in fishing village An Ninh Dong, Tuy An district play at rocky shore. This particular reef zones are formed when volcanic lava flowed into the sea. Lava meets cold sea flow become frozen. In 1998, this landscape is ranked natural scenery at national level.


Stone dome of To Vo gate, the locals also called sky gate, traces the millions of years of volcanic activity in Ly Son island district, Vietnam


Traces of the deep concave crater  look like a giant bag containing all the vast sky and sea.


” Hon Dun ” or Islet dunes, Binh An commune, Ly Son island district made ​​up of sedimentary rocks of volcano look like a dragon stretched out towards the sea.

Fishermen resting, chatting inside the spectacular coastal rocks creating poetic space, unique fishing village in the central region.

Fishermen resting and chatting at the spectacular coastal rocky shore creating poetic and unique space in fishing village, central coast of Vietnam.

Gull wing on the winding cliff-side nest under the waves off the island of Ly Son.

Gull-wings on the cliff-side nest in Ly Son island, Vietnam