Viet Vision Travel’s Saigon – Mui Ne Trip 2016

Once you are in Vietnam – a splendid heaven on earth – regardless of your wants for culture, sights or adventures, this heroic country of strong vitality definitely fits your bill nicely and rewards yourself with an opportunity to taste a unique flavor of the S-shaped land’s landscape, culture, tradition, art and culinary paradise. And, outstandingly, a Sai Gon – Mui Ne trip is an optimal option to soak up the beauty, take in ultimate experience and obtain leisurely relaxing time to re-energize ourselves for the coming successful and happy working time.

We – members of Viet Vision Travel have just finished a fantastic 4-day trip in Saigon – Mui Ne. And, there are so many fun things, untold destinations and superb experience that we can’t wait to tell you as it offered satisfaction and happiness beyond our wildest dream. Therefore, it would not be exaggerative to reveal that every member could have a chance to live to the fullest.
Saigon Mui Ne

That is true, maybe you have heard about Mui Ne – a paradise boasts of sand dunes and surf. Once an isolated stretch of beach, time has turned it into a gorgeous string of coastal strip, packed with low-rise beach resort, lovely gardens by the sea and fishing village – all you can find in this one of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches besides Nha Trang and Phu Quoc. However, do you know the real truth that tourists come here for numerous reasons? Mui Ne is special in its own way. If your gold is soaring mountains or evergreen valleys, there is not much about this Vietnam’s southern capital, but when Hoi An gets the taste of an ancient town, Nha Trang embodies a luxurious Bay, Mui Ne is highly renowned for its intact, wild and pristine beach; therefore, it would be much more attractive compared with touristy beaches in other tourist destinations. That’s why if your visit Saigon on a long vacation, there is nothing quite like planning a trip to Mui Ne – Phan Thiet since the beauty of Mui Ne are to be savored, which will be an unforgettable highlight of your holiday.

Our first day began with a two-hour flight, landed at Tan Son Nhat Airport – Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam’s “Pearl of the Far East” greeted us with the magnificent, bustling, crowded and rushed atmosphere. We stopped to watch the city some more before getting into the car to move to Mui Ne. Our car stopped for a rest and lunch at Long Thanh Restaurant before continuing the journey to the paradise beach. The journey lasted more than 4 hours but no member felt tired; instead, we were excited as Vietnam’s most splendid beach is waiting for us out there to be explored. Imagine a beach piled up with sand dunes, a perfect serene backdrop and an addictive resort – you’re reaching an infinite horizon, Mui Ne. The place we stayed is located amongst the immense, iridescent sand dunes and peaceful beach – Sandunes Resort & Spa.
Saigon Mui Ne10Saigon Mui Ne11
Can’t wait any longer, we checked in and immediately left the resort and make our way to explore the beach. If Nha Trang is getting rains, Mui Ne is so special in the way that it is getting the waves. Hence, you will catch a glimpse strange sea. There is too much too speak of high waves hitting the shore but not follow any rule at all, and of course a lot more interesting than artificial waves at the amusement park. We rushed down to the blue water and bumpy waves, and of course, none of us did not feel that the sea here is a nature-like miniature when herds of shrimp and fish ran through our bodies. We must be very careful to not to tread on them while the bottom was scattered packs of moving creatures. Hiding in the hordes of shrimp, it is such an adorable scene to witness fish, also including crabs and jellyfish getting lost. The first amazing day ended with dinner at the restaurant and party with guitar, song and joyful moments in this world’s top beach. Some Western guests were excited to see us so happy together; therefore, they suggested to offer us a few dances and vivid songs.

On the second day after buffet breakfast, our team got on the bus going straight to Bau Sen, also known as Bau Trang. Here, the whole team was separated into different groups of 2 to 3 people per quad bike heading to the highest sand dunes. Perhaps, many people felt embarrassed when driving terrain vehicles, but for those in search of ultimate experience, Mui Ne has some of the world’s highest sand dunes. We had our senses thrilled by activities here, so we asked the drivers to help us go to the highest sand dunes and admire the view. Here, we kept on breathing hard with the scene of high-speed driving through sand dunes. We continued our exploration by splitting up the team into groups of 2 persons, and we took turn to climb to the back of terrain vehicles and shouted along with the laughter of all people.

Saigon Mui Ne9
I also had the opportunity to experience the back seat of the car at high speed and you know, I also screamed not because of afraid feeling but due to the excitement. This feeling was even greater than the adventure game in our previous holiday in Vinpearl Land Nha Trang.
Leave the yellow sand dunes and travel a bit further, we moved around the freely optical scenic area, and until this moment, one of my friends and I were also confident enough to hire a terrain car to experience the thrilling emotion on sand dunes and moved to see everyone in a blue freshwater lake nearby with selfie photos before returning to gathering place.
Mui Ne is also probably best known for mouth-watering specialties; therefore we chose to have lunch at Hong Vinh Restaurant – a fairly large restaurant, adjacent to the sea to feast on local cuisine by talented and professional chefs. You cannot prepare yourself with awe, but you can prepare amazing experience and unforgettable moments with Team Building activities. Lunch time had finished and the car took us to the resort for a break to prepare for Team Building games on the beach in the afternoon. We- beautiful, young and passionate staff of Viet Vision Travel Team appeared earlier before G time to prepare the instruments and cameras. We divided into 3 teams with full memberships in all positions and ages joining team building games. Each team had its own name and slogan, every team was also eager to win. I am a member of the blue team, with very special and impressive name and slogan ^^. Saigon Mui Ne7After startup and 2 rounds, the spirit of the people was boiled and decided to quest the winning team by competing for each other to the end. Going to the last game was only two teams with the Queen game. The participating teams nominated the most beautiful women to be the Queen and the remaining members would form a circle around the Queen to rob the ball and attack the other team’s Queen. Anyone who was hit by the ball must leave the game until only the Queen and a member remained. Some members of my team were quite excited to see the ball, although they did not throw anybody but some extreme members still ran out hitting the ball by heads and liked to stop playing. Wordless! The game ended when one experienced member left the game in a tedious way because his queen hated him and deliberately threw the ball to hit and remove him from the game. As soon as he left the game, the queen was also out because she was hit by the opponent’s ball.

I must admit that the team building time was great and fun, which enabled us to be united with each other, thereby promoting the long-term rapport as well as cooperative atmosphere. Thanks to dramatic games and teamwork, we knew the real value of each activity, we knew the significance of working in team and we knew we are the ones in Viet Vision Travel. In the afternoon, we satisfactorily swam in the beach and had a free time period before attending the Gala Dinner – Connected Colleagues. We have held countless tour programs, events, team building and gala dinner for customers, and certainly, gala dinner evening of members in the company was burning brightly by dancing and singing performance. Each member contributed their own repertoire demonstrating their talents in the general corporate party. After entertainment performance, the party was funnier when competitive games amongst departments started. The members of each department showed their mutual understanding through the game “Tam Sao That ban” (the third copy is a far cry from the original) when the leader would be seen a pair of words and must redraw so that the team members could understand and the last member would be responsible for speaking loudly the result when looking at the picture drawn by the previous members.

Saigon Mui Ne3It is really funny with phrases like Vietnam Map guessed as papaya or bowl, tiger guessed as an elephant or human face. The contention and the team spirit of each team were culminated when coming to eating relay games. Each team would consist of 5 people with 5 kinds of different foods and drinks, and one by one had to eat or drink all the food and then shouted before the next member could begin. Playing items included eggs, ice cream, vegetable noodles, water, and coca. It was very hard for every new member to fulfill their part because it was not easy to add something when you have just finished a dinner party. A wonderful gala evening!
The next morning, we ate breakfast at the hotel and did check out procedures before boarding the bus leaving Mui Ne and going to Saigon.

Saigon Mui Ne2
On the way back, we stopped at a Dragon fruit garden – a highlight during our trip. Here, we were given an opportunity visit this lush tropical orchards and talk with amiable, hospital, friendly and highly cultured indigenous peoples in order to take in understanding of their everyday simple but meaningful lives. The host was very welcoming and invited us to the garden to try fresh dragon fruit. Maybe, we felt the warmth of local land and wonderful people so that we truly enjoyed the color and taste of the dragon fruits and then appreciate their great efforts with sweats and tears to produce such great local specialties.
Saigon Mui Ne4
We arrived in Saigon on sunset, the group did check-in procedures at Vien Dong Hotel and had a leisurely relaxing time to explore the bustling streets before leaving the hotel for dinner on Indochina Junk. Dinner was prepared according to the set for foreign visitors with artists performing repertoires of folklore. As I previously mentioned, both Mui Ne’s and Vietnam’s cuisine has become the art and now is the time to savor the distinctive culinary features.
Saigon Mui Ne5

There is no better way than grab a delicious dinner here while admiring the stunning views of Sai Gon by night accompanied with a great atmosphere, giving space for Nostalgic music. When the dinner on the boat ended, we returned to the hotel to take a rest and everyone has the own time period to freely discover Saigon at night.
Saigon Mui Ne 2016 Saigon Mui Ne 2016

The next morning, we visited the city’s famous tourist attractions encompassing Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, and Independence Palace before leaving Saigon to flight back to Hanoi. The beauty of Saigon once again captivates our hearts and minds and, by visiting those places, Saigon gives us a way to get a closer look at the multicolor picture of Vietnam’s culture and religions in which there exists a selective absorption of the world’s culture quintessence. The city is buzzing with energy and representing a chaotic whirl and it offers a chance to experience the simplest things, which helped us to travel like local.

Saigon Mui Ne 2016

Saigon Mui Ne 2016
The trip ended with different moods and feelings about the South region of the country. Each year, we travel further to different place to sense the vitality of each region, to know the values and the soul beauty of its people, to squeeze the sublime natural landscape, cultural heritages and most importantly, to experience to the utmost with a view to generating high-end products and introduce them to our beloved customers.