Over 70% of International Tourists Willing to Come Back Vietnam

Over 70% of international tourists are pleased to visit the popular destinations of Vietnam and willing to came back or recommend friends and family to these places in the future.

A survey of tourism is believed to be very useful to obtain information about the needs of tourists in each destination. Tourists’ perceptions of sustainable tourism development, taking responsibility for environment and society at each place that are being executed by the Project and Programs Management Unit of capacity development responsible tourism and social environment (project EU). Stage I of this investigation has ended and the results have been published in consultation of tourism experts before implementing stage 2, from June to September, 2014.

International visitors in Hoi An, Quang Nam province, Vietnam.

International visitors in Hoi An, Quang Nam province, Vietnam.

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According to investigation of 1,543 tourists, 757 people in the country and 786 international tourists at 5 places: Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ha Long and Sa Pa, The experts in EU project said the results of this investigation are necessary to cater for the marketing research and product development.

The survey results showed quite satisfactory, average rate of international visitors stay overnight is $ 102.3 / day, while for domestic tourists staying overnight was 1.3 million / day (equivalent to 62 USD). And in 5 places above, the highest average cost belong to Halong which was $ 125.1 / day for international visitors and 1.6 million / day for domestic tourists.

Hue is the place with the lowest average cost $ 75.6 / day for international visitors and Hoi An is a cheapest place for domestic tourist with cost of living is 900,000 / day (without transportation cost). Types of travel in groups and self-organizing trips are more than booking tours. With international tourist, 3-5 star hotels or luxury resorts are better choice, while domestic visitors mainly use the popular accommodation or 3 star hotels.

Among the guests staying overnight, international tourists spend the largest portion of total costs for accommodation, then for eating and drinking. In contrast, the cost of living of domestic tourist for eating and drinking is much more than transportation and accommodation. International visitors find out information mostly on the internet, but domestic tourists mainly refer to asking friends, the internet and watching TV …

70 % international tourist willing to come back Vietnam.

70 % international tourist willing to come back Vietnam.

Moreover, destinations such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Ha Long, Hue and Sa Pa are usually put in destination list by international visitors.

In which, over 70% of international visitors said that they were happy to stay there and ready to go back. Hoi An is a first place to be selected by international visitors when returning to Vietnam. Even 65% of domestic tourists vowed to back the favorite tourist destinations in the country at any time.
Almost all of 2 groups planning to introduce friends and family to these destination in the future. Natural landscape and the friendliness of the people are the most thing satisfy tourist in Vietnam.

Both groups said that visitors are always respect local culture and the environment. The sale problem in tourist sites is the worst thing annoying visitors, price discrimination between locals and tourists, tourist services and public transport is not good…
Currently, the management of EU projects continues to collect opinions of experts and share information in order to complete the deployment of stage II at 5 sites above, then complete and will report the results to the VNAT and the relevant local.

The survey results will also contribute to the local data needed as a basis for making investment orientation, development planning, promotional planning, attracting tourists. However, this is a model project by EU.
This result is for reference only due to the questionnaire was too little, not to ensure a sample representative. Many people said that the second stage needs to expand the investigation in different times, additional locations, building construction documentation to the local train. VNTA should also conduct surveys regularly tourism statistics continuously and universally in the future to make the market research and product development better.