mr do tuan tu marketing executive

Tommie Do (Mr.) – Marketing Executive

Hi! My name is Do Tuan Tu but, you can call me Tommie. I was born in Hanoi – the beautiful capital city of Vietnam for years. As lucky as I was, I had an opportunity working as a Marketing Online Executive in Viet Vision Travel where I can show off my biggest passion – traveling & sharing knowledge about travel to people all around the world. My love for travel first began when I was a child as I had the very first and incredible opportunity to travel aboard with my family. I love taking photos of destinations I visit, bumping into the locals, tasting new cuisine that I’ve never done before.

Above all, through manifold trips to nations and destinations within my countries, I want my experience to be shared with everybody so that, they can have something useful to well prepare their vacation to such a country I really enjoyed. At least, I believe that. If you want to get an insight into Vietnam, enjoy our travel guides and blogs. If we have any opportunities, I am looking forward to sharing you – my adorable clients, my travel experience with you and helping you with your Vietnam vacation.