tiffany nguyen marketing executive

Tiffany Nguyen (Ms.) – Marketing Executive

I have worked as a marketing executive with Viet Vision Travel upon college graduation back in 2018. I enjoy traveling so much so that I’d bring the same thrill and happiness while working with our customers. Each and every visit or tour is a rewarding experience both ways – for the guide as well as the visitors.

When I was a little girl, I read ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ in its comics book edition. I suddenly realized it could be so much exciting and interesting as long as you are with an adventurous spirit. And I was impressed. I lived and relived the experience by the hero Phileas Fogg. So many times that I’d often wished I could have had the chance too. Since those days I aspire to world travel.

After everything said and done, our reward is in customer satisfaction. During the time in Viet Vision Travel, I found so many pleasures of talking with clients from all over the world.