ms le bich loan sales executive

Sophie Le (Ms.) – Sales Executive

During my time at Viet Vision Travel, my learning has been particularly in terms of tourism. I believe that quality service is the most important thing in the travel industry.  It is this that gives us a reputation in the market. With the thought of ‘we are working for your smiles’, I strove to improve the service. A part of my life attached to travel, I see I have the right choice. My easy and harmonious childhood and days at university shaped my easygoing and straightforward character, which makes me happy and work responsibly

It is possible that many of our services are taken for granted, but only we who take the trouble to know how difficult and challenging it is. But we feel it is all worthwhile in order to guarantee each client an unforgettable trip and at the same time create a Viet Vision Travel tour brand. Yes, our success encourages us to do more and more to thrive us ahead.