Bai Tu Long resort located in Van Don Island belong Bai Tu Long bay, which with Ha Long Bay forms impressive scenery of sea and islands. Including thousands of islands and rocks, they create one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

The resort lie on 10km coastal line spreading out 100 hectare region, Bai Tu Long Eco-Tourism Resort is a harmonious combination between the oriental tradition and western modern in architecture styles. It self–comprise house–on-stilts peaceful by the sea that would give you a chance to mix with the nature. Once here absolutely will lend you a hand to forget about bustle life among a vast and peaceful sea. Customers’ preferences would be satisfied with modern furnished and comfortable house. Coming to Bai Tu Long Eco-Tourism-resort, is also good chance for to enjoy traditional Asian and Western as well as specialties of the tropical sea dishes served by professional chefs.

Moreover, the Bai Tu Resort had equipped high quality equipment for client enjoys play sport and entertainment centers will meet your physical and culture needs of being sportily person. Also, ATI’s high-speed boats would take you the undiscovered islands that only mention old legends. Visiting the seaside craft, 20 villas with 3 fully-equipped rooms each, 24 bungalows located by the sea with 4 self- contained flats each.

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Diversified restaurant system: Capacity: 50-200 guests, serving Western-Asian seafood dishes. 24-hour luxurious bar counter system with various special drinks.

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