Pu Mat National Park is praised as the largest forest in north-central Vietnam and a flagship national wildlife deserve. The world in Pu Mat symbolizes the diverse flora and fauna of the country. A visit to Pu Mat is believed to be an eye-opener for those who love discovering the untouched nature.
It is nestled on the eastern slope of Truong Son mountain range, in Vietname’s north central coast region.
The park covers a stretch of 94,804 ha, running over three districts of Nghe An province: Tuong Duong, Con Cuong and Anh Son.

Nghe An - Summer Getaway at Pu Mat National Park

Nghe An – Summer Getaway at Pu Mat National Park

In 2007, the park was recognized as a World Nature Reserve by UNESCO. It is home to 2,400 flora species, including loads of medicinal plants. 37 has been listed in Vietnam’s red book and 20 in the world’s. What’s more, the fauna species is of all shapes and sizes with 240 types, including Saola- a rare animal. That’s just to acclaim that Pu Mat is of ecological importance and a rich source of rare and precious species.

Why to visit?
Pu Mat is endowed with resonable weather, thus making it fit to discover, especially in summertime. In Thai Language, Pu Mat is interpreted as “High slopes”. As illustrated by its name, Pu Mat embraces rugged and steep hill roads which is a tick for climbing, kayaking and camping and fit adventurers’ style. Besides, discovering waterfalls, channels, and caves is as awe-inspiring as unravelling the myths of forest-filled heaven.
Explore the biodiversity and scenic views of the place, then go on to learing about traditional customs and culture of the ethnic are the prize of your trip. The park is inhabited by Thai, Kho Mu and Du people all of those present chances of cultural experiences. Dance over bamboo poles and drink rice wine by bamboo tubes, try on brocades dress will inbed deeply in your own travelogue.