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Vietnam School Trips & Student Tours

Viet Vision Travel has specially created Vietnam Study Tour to meet many students’ needs about school trips. If you are looking for a journey that action is packed and full of funny experience as well as excitement, then Vietnam Student Tours is designed for you. Our trips not only go far beyond seeing amazing sights but also full of educational knowledge. Come with us to make new friends, learn some Vietnamese and explore more about the local lives.

Our mission

Our Vietnam School Trip aims to bring you an unforgettable trip with interesting experience and also knowledge as well as understanding about Vietnamese locals. We offer many study tour itineraries which are specialized to meet with many students’ and teachers’ needs about a real trip that includes historical places, cultural activities, and even community services.

Culture Travel

We are proud and excited to bring to you a memorable journey and full of culture travel destinations in Vietnam. Firstly, let’s make a stop in Hanoi – the country’s captivating capital – the 1000-year-old of history. After thousands of years of developing but nowadays, Hanoi still remains its ancient features as well as a variety of authentic traditions and customs of locals. These made Hanoi a uniqueness that no other cities In Vietnam have. Then go down to the south and feel the intellectual, cultural and spiritual pulse of Vietnam – Hue Citadel. Hue is home to palaces and pagodas, tombs and temples, also the host of the great festival that sharpens the cultural and traditional local lifestyle. Leave behind the buzz of the urban, then head to the west to explore the beautiful watery landscape of green paddy fields and peaceful villages in Mekong Delta River. A real culture travel helps you feel the life following up and down of the water, as well as know the floating pulse of life of the locals living on the Mekong. Finish your trip with amazing Phu Quoc Island next, this is where most off-visit paths of nature still remain and locals still keep their most authentic traditions.

Community Service

Vietnam School Trip is created with a view to bringing the youth a chance to broaden their horizons through obvious and meaningful activities by supporting numerous community service opportunities. Community Service offers young people to become more positive and active in thinking and acting, which make students well prepared to become a truly global citizen. Our study tour has many service work projects to help students to not only make new friends but also to work with other partners who often have been raised in a much more challenging environment. By this way, the young people can easily access to their culture and become able to exchange and learn from each other. Apart from these intangible benefits such as pride, satisfaction, and accomplishments, our school trips allows students to acquire skill as well as enrich their knowledge. Besides, there are some reasons that the young people are exposed to well organized and be more active. These include: - Developing an increased sense of social responsibility and a global view of society and a heart for giving back and helping others - Exposing the youth to diversity and multiculturalism - Building relationship and social connections with other people - Helping students stand out among other applicants since service work is a leading feature after a student’s GPA or SAT scores - Finding passions and interests that may lead to a true career choice the students have ever considered before.

What makes us different?

Special Vietnam Study Tours are designed with our most enthusiasm to bring the students and teachers a memorable trip. We take care of all the practical details and make your journey well planned as much as possible. Then the parents do not need to worry when their children are away with us. In addition, Viet Vision Travel has many amazing activities for students when traveling with our itineraries. We offer a lot of teamwork games, teambuilding activities that promise to give all the players the funniest and unforgettable experience. From that, the students can spend the time to absorb the sights and the culture. Whenever you have a Vietnam vacation with us, we promise to bring you a trip that full of sights and beautiful memory about history, culture and traditions of the country. Then, of course, the study tour – a chance to create a special journey of knowledge and community activities.

Vietnam School Trips' Experience

Planning a trip for a class is never easy to do, but if you and your students are going to have a study tour in Vietnam, these following may help you much. Vietnam offers a variety of stunning landscapes as well as many historical and cultural destinations that you can plan to see. It’s a chance for your students not only to witness beautiful sightseeing in the world but also to discover much about Vietnamese’s culture and tradition – a trip go far beyond beautiful Vietnam sites.


Vietnam has a variety of attractions coming from every corner of itself, ranging from beautiful sightseeing, untouched islets and small old aged villages to war museums, colonial structures, and ancient citadel. First with Hanoi – the beautiful old aged capital of Vietnam. This corner really has many things for you to visit: Temple Literature – the first university in Vietnam, Hoang Thanh Thang Long (Imperial Citadel of Thang Long), The President Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum – an ideal historical places since it keeps all the old things of Uncle Ho; The Old Square for your class to explore much further about Vietnamese locals’ lives; and The Walking Street on the weekend nights for a real and direct night scenes inside the city. A student tour becomes much more meaningful when your students can take part in many interesting activities. Around the capital city, there also many delightful places that you cannot miss. Bat Trang pottery village is a good example. Bat Trang ceramics are produced for daily use such as bowls, cups, plates… and this is where products are favorite over the country. When coming to Bat Trang pottery village, encourage your students to design and decorate their own products to bring back home, it’s a good opportunity for your kids to think and act more creatively. Hue – Danang – Hoi An is a group of three outstanding travel places highly recommended for any group of travelers. The old citadel of Vietnam, Hue city, still retains its uniqueness about local lives, natural sightseeing as well as cultural destinations. The city represents the outstanding demonstration of the power of the vanished Vietnam feudal empire, including a complex of monuments, tombs, and pagodas that attract tourists when coming here, especially when you are a history buff or love discovering exotic cultural. Visitors can also have a real feel of a romantic night floating on a boat on Huong River (Perfume River) while enjoying Hue specialties and watching royal art performance. From the city, drive thirty minutes to the South and Da Nang is extremely different from what you have seen in Hue. Da Nang is definitely a modern and developing city where you can enjoy a distinguished travel experience. Getting lost into space at the top of Ba Na Hill is one can be named, from that height of the cable car system, you can have an overview of the city, which is really incredible. After that, let’s invite your friends to take part in many interesting and funny games, and of course, there are always presents for winner groups. Another attractive scene of Da Nang is about Han Bridge since 9 pm every weekend you can see the bridge swinging – a unique feature of itself. To the north of Da Nang lied Hoi An, the popular ancient town in Vietnam. Hoi An offers you with an old aged feeling once you visit this place. Locals are friendly and hospital, street food is the best and special local products are countless but it is not lack of modern scenes. Hoi An is where the west effect and the traditional east culture meet and exchange. Therefore, the ancient town in Hoi An really has many things for you to explore: you can enjoy a lantern festival, get lost in a night market where shows and sells many lovely souvenirs, or have a tailor tailor-made your own traditional Ao Dai. To the south of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (formally called Sai Gon) is a good choice for your school trip. The city has not only beautiful features coming from people and modern lifestyle but also contains a variety of historical places to visit. Let’s visit Cu Chi Tunnels then you will see the most incredible things on earth. They are part of a massive war museum in Ho Chi Minh City and offers visitors a sneak peak at the underground life of Vietnamese soldiers back in 1948. You can enjoy plenty of activities during the visit, follow the narrow routes of the underground tunnel after watching a short film showing how the tunnels system works. There are always travel guides who know the history very well and have a beautiful voice telling many short tales about the war between Vietnam and America. That’s a good chance for your class to enrich knowledge about history and know more about Vietnamese locals during the war. Finally, Mekong River Delta River is a good suggestion for a school trip in Vietnam. This part of the country is where locals from many ethnic groups live both on and aside from the river. One of the most memorial things to try is going to the Floating Market on The Mekong. People show and sell their products, earn money and buy food and other things for the family. The Floating Market is a unique beautiful feature of this area. Additionally, follow the water and see how people live on the riverside is an amazing experience. People here live mostly on the river and hardly have land for agriculture. However, they do have enough food for their family since most of them have floating gardens. When coming here, let your kids join with the locals to plant vegetable as well as colorful flowers, or even choose to feed lots of cattle that they raise. Though you can “live” only a limited times on this exotic area, I believe that a floating life is unforgettable.

People and lifestyle

The lifestyle of people living in urban areas and big cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi is definitely distinguished with that of people living in rural areas of villages. Life in the city is often more modern and complicated while life in the countryside is more quiet and peaceful. However, at every corner of Vietnam, people are always friendly and hospitable. Vietnamese people very welcome to all of the foreign visitors come to see and explore their hometown. Every time coming to a new place, do not feel so strange as people are always smiling on you. Vietnamese always want their clients most comfortable and feel safe in their own home. But there a little thing to notice, it’s about traffic in the city. In the center of many big cities, traffic jam happens every day. It’s much better than you plan your class trip carefully and maybe walking is the best way to explore the street at that time. Since it’s difficult to move around if you and your students get stuck in the traffic.


After hundred years of colonization and destruction, Vietnam has gradually stepped out and developed. However, until today, people keep all the memory about war and variations of difficult time before. That’s why there are plenty of historical places around Vietnam. Suffering from two giant wars with French and America, Vietnam nowadays has countless history story to tell you and your class. It’s someway a good opportunity for your students to widen their knowledge about the past of Vietnam, know how difficult brave and talented Vietnamese were.

When to go?

The ideal time for a Vietnam Study tour is from November to March of the next year. This period of time is often in the spring season when the weather is quite good with light sunny in the south and a little cold in the north. This is also when people celebrate their traditional Tet holidays so that there are many activities for your kids to join in such as making Banh Chung (a traditional food for Tet), giving and receiving Lixi (a kind of red lucky money wrapped in red envelopes). Later in March is also when many students in the West enjoy their Easter vacation. And if you and your class are planning to visit Vietnam these days, that’s the ideal time. But you do not have any vacations at that beautiful time in Vietnam, do not worry, a long summer vacation is much amazing when enjoying in here. From late July to early September, Vietnam has many interesting places to go such as beautiful and untouched islets in Nha Trang, various grateful activities in Dam Sen Water Park in Ho Chi Minh City, and etc. Now that you can see, at every time for a trip to Vietnam, you will have plenty of things to do and see.

Flight to Vietnam

Vietnam has many international airports for overseas travelers nowadays such as Noi Bai in Hanoi, Tan Son Nhat in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang International airport… so that your class can get to many cities of Vietnam easily. There are also a variety of airports supporting direct flights from big cities in the UK, the US to Vietnam. From Australia they have daily flights from Sydney, Canberra or Melbourne to Ho Chi Minh City; from North America they have daily flights supported by American Airlines and Cathay Pacific; from Canada they have popular routes from Vancouver to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City operated by Air Canada; from Europe there are direct flights between Hanoi and Paris, Frankfurt offered by Vietnam airlines… Moreover, if you are from the UK, French, Germany, Italy, Russia… then you don’t need to get a Visa to travel to Vietnam. Please notice to be careful with Visa problem, make sure that you and your students have the permission to get to Vietnam.

Top 5 Destinations for Vietnam School Trips

With rich and evocative history, Vietnam is like a magic history book Hanoi for everyone around the world. Each chapter in that book covers a period of many events and brave heroes. Visit this country to appreciate its beauty, to learn about the culture and to feel like the locals. Vietnam study tours cover all historic landmarks and wonderful destinations, guarantee to give you a memorable Vietnam school trip with amazing experiences. Here are top 5 destinations for school trips in Vietnam we recommended.


Hanoi - the heart of Vietnam enchants tourists by a ton of cultural and historic sites. That may be ancient Temple of Literature which was built in 1070 in honor of Confucius, his followers, and Chu Van An, a moral figure in Vietnamese education. Another must-see place is Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum which is one of the most conspicuous mausoleums in the world, the massive tribute to the most famous hero in Vietnam provides Hanoi with a landmark on par with Lenin’s tomb in Moscow. School children will be excited when they learn about the life of the first president of Vietnam. In addition, schoolchildren and teachers can know more about Vietnam culture by visiting a variety of museums and have a lot of fun in Bat Trang ceramic village. Last but not least, Hanoi school trip also gives you a chance to taste mouthwatering streetfoods and enjoy the traditional water puppet show in Hanoi Old Quarter.


Known as a cultural town, Hoi An is definitely a destination you cannot miss. The most attractive highlight in this town is the Hue Imperial City which provides to tourists a genuine sense of Vietnamese culture. Students also can learn about Vietnam history by visiting a chain of tombs in Hoi An such as Khai Dinh tomb, Gia Long tomb, etc. You can walk around the town and stop by at local restaurants for lunch or zigzag on the narrow village roads to explore the local temples and visit some farming houses.

Hoi An

Known as one of the most ancient cities in Vietnam, Hoi An enchants tourists by a series of attractions including centuries-old Buddhist pagodas and temple, quaint museum and restaurants, and colonial shophouses. Explore this city, school children will be impressed by pristine beaches and traditional wooden architecture which is the well-preserved mix of Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, and French architecture. This city gives you sightseeing opportunities which you won’t find in other cities in Vietnam. Especially, the best part of Hoi An is that its attractions are easily accessible on foot or cyclo thanks to its pedestrian-friendly streets. The town reflects a fusion of indigenous and foreign cultures (principally Chinese and Japanese with later European influences) that combined to produce this unique survival.

Mekong Delta

Located in the Southern part of Vietnam, Mekong Delta is known as a jewel of this S shape country. It is a promising destination for school children who love dense mixture and culture and nature in one place. This land will give tourists unlimited surprise with lively markets, green orchards all year round, super hospitable local people and unique culture. Visit Mekong Delta to experience the bustling atmosphere of floating markets, admire the unique floating houses, nibble exotic tropical fruits and learn about the Cham culture of local people. Tasting savory cuisine and listening to the folk songs of local farmers is such an exciting experience for school children.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island enthralls tourists by stunning beaches, ancient Buddhist shrines, and traditional fishing villages. School children can take part in many recreational activities at the beach such as hiking, camping, wildlife, photography, and bird-watching. Soak into vibrant markets, experience the local lifestyle in fishing villages and sample authentic local specialties of this island. Phu Quoc Island also offers many high-quality beach resorts and international dining venues.

Recommended Special Places for Vietnam School Trips

Duong Lam Village(Hanoi’s outskirts)

Duong Lam impresses tourists at the first sight by the gate of Mong Phu village which is the iconic image of Vietnam rural area. That is such an amazing experience for school children to wander around on fish-bone-shaped roads of the village and visit an ancient house. School children will get so much fun to explore communal houses in this peaceful village such as Mong Phu communal house, Dong Sang communal house, etc. Duong Lam has preserved various festivals, customs, and literature on the people and land of Duong Lam through different periods of time. Different from the bustling city center, Duong Lam brings a new feeling to travelers with fresh air and a ton of beautiful scenes linked with legendary stories such as Guom Hill, Ho Gam Hill and tales on the two kings Phuong Hung and Ngo Quyen.

Cu Chi Tunnels (Ho Chi Minh city)

Cu Chi Tunnels is one of the most interesting tourist spots which attracts a lot of travelers around the world, especially who are from Western countries. The tunnels were dug by Vietnamese people with the aim of living and hiring the enemy. Explore the structure of the tunnels and experience the life in the tunnels of Vietnamese people in wartime. You are invited to try Cassava (or tapioca) with Roasted peanuts seeds and salt- a specialty of Cu Chi. In addition, school children also can learn about the costumes and special musical instruments of some ethnic minorities by visiting Cu Chi Ethnic Minorities Villages.

Vinpearl Amusement Park (Nha Trang)

Situated on an island across the bay from Nha Trang Beach, Vinpearl Amusement Park is the heaven of fun for school children with water slides and games, a large aquarium, a wave pool, and a variety of rides. To reach this park you have to experience 3,320-metre long ride by cable car which gives you breathtaking views of the whole bay. From a variety of water slides with names like ‘space hole,’ ‘tsunami,’ ‘black hole,’ and ‘kamikaze’ to the 900-meter long ‘lazy river’ and the ‘wave pool’ emulates different sea conditions, this massive entertainment park really mesmerizes tourists at the first time. Another attraction of this place you cannot miss is the modern and big aquarium with a ton of colorful fishes. We have been carefully designing hundreds of Vietnam vacation and tours that cover all highlights and stunning destinations in Vietnam. So, if you are planning a memorable study tour in Vietnam, please feel free contact us, we are very happy to tailor a special Vietnam school trip that suits you perfectly.