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Recommended Destinations for Vietnam Laos Tours

Northern Vietnam


The capital of Vietnam is home to various cultural values exist for more than 1000 years. The Old Quarter is the highlight with Hoan Kiem Lake shining as a turquoise pearl in the center of the city. Walk along and taste Hanoi delicious street food, or find some souvenirs for your family and friends. Downstream of the Red River, named due to its red water, maybe enjoy the lush green rice fields in the suburban of Hanoi is a completely new interesting experience within your Vietnam Laos tour. hanoi train street vietnam laos tours

Ha Long Bay

Visitors come to this spectacular destination for its several breathtaking sights. Take a boat cruise through plenty of scattered islets and caves covered by a layer of moss. Go inside the mysterious caves to discover the masterpiece of nature with millions of stalactite pillars. You can hop on a kayak to freely explore the hidden charms of the bay, then spend a night on board admire the sky full of twinkling stars, or go fishing with local fishery who are really friendly and helpful. Whatever you catch can be turned into a delicious fresh-flavor meal. halong bay tours of vietnam and laos

Northeast of Vietnam

Due to be home to various ethnic minorities, the part Northeast of Vietnam has lots of unique traditional cultural values and conventionality. This place has the terrain of bumpy hills and mountains with many idyllic waterfalls and caves. A few days living in local homestay can be an unforgettable experience. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere with different ethnic minorities that each of them has the own culture revealed in unique clothes, music instruments, lifestyle, conventionally and cuisine. northeast vietnam vietnam laos itinerary In spring - the time for the festival, you can get hands-on experience joining in with them, singing and happily jumping around the fire which is told to have the best luck, while admiring beautiful women wearing their colorful traditional clothes, dancing and playing the quaint music instruments.

Central Vietnam

Hoi An

This town brings the ancient breath for any visitors who enjoy Vietnam and Laos tour packages. Along with banks of the river are cafes, restaurants and handmade shops where you can find anything you need from colorful silk clothes to unique souvenirs made from wood and fabric. Moreover, stroll along the quaint streets to several attractive spots such as Chua Ong Pagoda, Assembly Hall, Tam Ky House and the Japanese Covered Bridge. hoi an lantern vietnam and laos tours

My Son Holy Land

The Holy Land of My Son is a spectacular beautiful sanctuary land of the old Cham religion. Formerly was the spiritual and worshiping land of Champa Kingdom, My Son still maintains several religious monuments included 25 structures which help this site became a World Heritage. The old Cham believed that My Son is a place that can assist the reigns to contact with God and Saints. my son holy land vietnam laos tour packages This structure is design following the unique Champa architecture which was dramatically affected by Indian style revealed in lines of famous religious sites such as Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Pagan of Myanmar, and Ayutthaya of Thailand. Although every temple has its own features, both of them were built with rock is the main material and divided into three parts: a solid base, the mysterious body, and the spectacular top with the shapes of a man proffering flowers, fruits, or animals to his God highly in the sky.

Southern Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

Known as the urbanest and modern city with the bustling lifestyle, Ho Chi Minh City also has various cultural sites to be worth a Vietnam Laos itinerary for those who want to discover the culture of Vietnam or even Indochina. Get a glimpse of the whole city by sitting on the back seat of an old Vespa riding through The Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Old Post Office, Remnant War Museum, and the Chinatown. Finally, stop at the bustling Ben Thanh Market to pick up some fresh fruits for a delicious dessert, or just a beautiful bouquet for your honey. ho chi minh city vietnam and laos tours

Cu Chi Tunnels

For more experience in southern Vietnam, head to Cu Chi Tunnels to get an overlook of Vietnamese’s life in the period of war. Have a hands-on experience the underground life of old Vietnamese soldiers by exploring several shelters, entrances, trap doors, weapon factories, command centers, and field hospitals formerly were the tools to fight against the powerful French army. cu chi tunnels vietnam laos trip

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta can be a paradise for those who love fruits, rivers, and canals in their Vietnam Laos tours. Cai Be floating market is lined up by hundreds of floating boats selling different kinds of tropical fruits, have to clarify that half of them you haven’t ever seen or heard before, colorful flowers, fresh vegetable, and other local products. People here are too friendly that they would not mind if you sample some before deciding to buy. One more feature of the Mekong Delta is the mangrove forest. Hop on a kayak riding along the higher-than-human mangroves at the sides of the canal, real-touch with animals from many different species which are not dangerous at all. mekong delta vietnam laos tours



Vientiane is a contradictory city with a side is the silent tuk-tuk around every quaint corner, and the other side is sparkling temples with stunning Buddha statues. vientiane attractions in Laos Explore the ancient quarter of this city included several religious sites such as Pha That Luang, Patuxai, Wat Si Muang, and Xieng Khuan. While Pha That Luang shines brightly by being gilded and the Patuxai is built following the royal design style, Xieng Khuan attracts visitors by an old statue thrilling with the Buddhist and Hindu sculptures. After a time being colonial in French, the old villas now turn into restaurants and hotels, makes the city become an unprecedented level of panache. Spend a few days in Vientiane can bring the feeling of reading a romantic but old-fashioned novel.

Luang Prabang

This small town is in the center of the mountainous area, and also is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam Laos tour itinerary. Due to the hilly terrain, Mother of Nature blesses for this place a masterpiece - the Kuang Si Falls provide breathtaking sights with stunning waterfalls surrounded by thick tropical jungle and secret beautiful fresh-water pools. For those who love outdoor activities, escape the city with a cycling tour, explore the off beaten track of countryside, learn about the rural life with hands-on experience seeding and growing rice and other farming plants. Finally, enjoy the crazy lifestyle at the night market in the Sisavangvong Road - one of the biggest night markets in the country where you can pick everything you need. kuangsi waterfall in Laos Wish these recommendations will help you enjoy your the most astounding Vietnam Laos tours.