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If you are looking for a that tour covers all the highlight of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia then here are some Indochina tours for you to choose. It depends your time frame, and you can then find your most suitable trip to Indochina. For these tours, you have the chance to explore the Indochina highlights including: Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Luang Prabang, Vientiane, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Cu Chi tunnel and Mekong Delta.

Be advised that we can tailor-made a tour just for you. Contact us now to get a holiday of a life in Indochina

Note: 36 day trip was the longest Indochina journey we have customized (we even can make it longer to meet your need). And our clients were absolutely happy with their trip.

  • Tu Duc King Tomb

    16-Day Great Indochina Loop Tour

    This trip is the great combinations between the highlights of Indochina. From the bustles and hustle Saigon to legendary Cu Chi tunnel, from the colorful temple of Dadaism to the lush green of the Mekong delta,..

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  • Jayavarman Cruise along Mekong River

    Amazing River Cruise

    This special package is specially designed for those who love river cruises. You will experience two of the best cruises in the Southeast Asia at this stage: The Anantara Song in Thailand and the Jayavarman Cruise in Cambodia and Vietnam…

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  • Rock Faces of Angkor Thom

    18-Day Discovery Indochina Tour

    Discovery Indochina Tour 18 Days including Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh city, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Vientiane, Luang Prabang…

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  • Discover Cu Chi Tunnels

    18-Day Vietnam & Laos Explorer Tour

    Discover most highlights of Vietnam & Laos, from south of Vietnam along the coastline up to the north and then the lay-back neighboring country of Laos. This 18 days tour will bring you to many different experiences of ambient backstreets, haggling at her most fascinating markets or savoring local delicacies at any one of the local hawkers.

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  • Cruise along the majestic Halong Bay

    24-Day Soft Adventure Indochina Tour

    Starting from Hanoi through Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in 24 days discover the French-colonial heritage, rural villages and people in Vietnam to the Angkor Wat and Luang Prabang the best-preserved traditional city in Southeast Asia

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  • Toby Spain

    How many people are in the group (I do not like large groups at all)?
    Is it possible to have 4 and 5 star hotels rather that 3 and 4.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      For the package tour, this is private tour (just two of you) not group tour so the time will be flexible for the visiting.

  • Eliza Sayers

    When is the best time to go for the best weather in Vietnam?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      About the weather in Vietnam, at the moment we are in winter, it is quite cold. It is lovely to travel from October to April, it is nice weather, special October.

  • Nate Streeten

    Flying from Boston Massachusetts USA to Laos?
    What airline would airline would we use to fly from Boston Massachusetts USA to Laos and return from Cambodia?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      For the flight from USA to Laos and return from Cambodia, you can fly with United airlines….please go to the airline they will recommend the best one for you… If we book from our country… It is very difficult to get the ticket … and the price will be very expensive.

  • Lonnie C. Rieth

    The most interesting trip for in South East Asia?
    I have been to Thailand and Myanmar but not to the rest of South East Asia. Let me know what you think is the most interesting trip for me?

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      As per your request, I would be very pleased to suggest you a proposal 16 days /15 nights: “Great Indochina Loop Tour”. With this proposal, you will have a chance to enjoy all the sightseeing of 3 countries in Indochina as well as 3 difference cultures. I am sure that this trip will give you interesting senses.

  • Knud Nielsen

    Visa for 2 week vacation in Indochina?
    Must we get Vietnam visa, Laos visa and Cambodia visa before we arrival? We are interested to travel to Indochina next year and spending 2 weeks.

    • Laura - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, you should get visa before travelling. You should apply for Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia tourist visa online. Instead of applying through Indochina Embassy, you can do easier.

  • Dorothée Sorel

    24 days trip in Indochina?
    What will you recommend for 24 days trip in Indochina? We plan to visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in early November.

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      You may be interested in 24 Day Soft Adventure Indochina Tour, we have dropped you the itinerary and cost in detail, please check.

  • Logan Collins

    Are all airfares among Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia included in tour packages?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, we will arrange tickets for your tours in Indochina. But the tours are not included air ticket from your country to Indochina countries.

  • Sebastian Krueger

    Can you arrange a private tour for me in Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, we can prepare private tours with private tour guide/driver during Indochina trips.

  • Thorsten Klug

    Is it possible to customize tours to Vietnam and Cambodia?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      Of course, you can customize tours for your vacation in Vietnam and Cambodia.

  • Esa Ahonen

    10 days trip in Indochina?
    I would like to spend 10 days to visit Indochina, is it enough time to explore Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam?

    • Jeanny - Viet Vision Travel

      Indochina countries have a lot of attractive sites to visit. 10 days is not enough for all, only for highlights in Cambodia

  • Kai Wight

    What is the longest tour you have organized for Indochina vacation?

    • Hana - Viet Vision Travel

      The longest Indochina tour we have organized is 45 days. Please note that we can customize tours for your trip in Indochina.

  • Musa'id Tawfiq Sleiman

    Is 16 Day Great Indochina Loop Tour available?

    • Hana - Viet Vision Travel

      Yes, we have dropped you reservation form for 16 Day Great Indochina Loop Tour. Please fill in the blank and send us back via email.

  • Mercer Charbonneau

    How long should we spend for Indochina vacation?

    • Hana - Viet Vision Travel

      The time for Indochina tours is flexible, it depends on your time in Vietnam. You can customize tour for Indochina vacation. We can make 16 Day Great Indochina Loop Tour, 18 Day Discovery Indochina Tour, 24 Day Soft Adventure Indochina Tour. Please on request.

  • Anamarija Zagorec

    What are the highlights in Indochina tours?

    • Hana - Viet Vision Travel

      Our Indochina tours are organized for most highlights in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia such as Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Vientiane, Luang Prabang…

  • Hilaire Sylvain

    Our friends who have been on 3 country tours Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia …
    Our friends who have been on 3 country tours Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia suggested that it’ll be cheaper to go to these countries with 1st day of hotel booking. Then organize tour locally. This’ll be cheaper than online booking. Is this true?

    • Hana - Viet Vision Travel

      It is both true and not true.
      True because you will buy tours from Open Tour or Sinh Café to join with other passengers. This services quality is below standard, or it is equivalent with what you pay, cheap and low standard services.
      Not true because you will book tours at travel desks at hotels and you will get much more expensive than online price from TA (like Viet Vision Travel). Or you will call to travel Agents like us to book tours and all things are the same but you have work to do when you are on your holiday. You may take taxi with high prices from this place to another one…..
      I would highly recommend you to book in advance all the services when you travel because you are taken care of by tour guides and drivers as well as meals, boats, domestic flight tickets….
      And more important thing is open tours should be for young and backpacker travelers.
      Please be noted that since you book the trip to Vietnam Laos or Cambodia or Indochina tours with us, we know what is the best to put in your tour to make the balance well between: touring, relax and fun. And all the logistic of the tour is very well. When you are at the new places, tour guide is welcome you, hotel is ready and exactly what we told. That one of the many reasons that you should book your tour in Vietnam (or Laos or Cambodia) with us

  • Alex Willson

    Really enjoyed this article post of Indochina Tour. Really thank you! Want more.


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